Call Numbers for Foreign Law

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Updated Nov. 27, 2013.
Prepared by Mary Whisner.


In order to understand the call numbers of foreign materials in the Law Library, it is helpful to know a little bit about their history. For many years, the Library of Congress did not have detailed tables of call numbers ("classification schedules") for most foreign jurisdictions. The schedules for the United States, Britain, and Canada were complete in the 1970s, but other countries' schedules were not complete until the early 1990s. So catalogers in this library assigned call numbers to works based on a preliminary outline from the Library of Congress. But when the schedules came out, they were not the same as in the preliminary outline. As a result, for many jurisdictions we have material under two separate call numbers. The table below lists for each country or region the new call number and the old, local call number.

Reading the Old Call Numbers

Since the catalogers did not have detailed schedules to work from, the old call numbers usually had two or three letters, then a blank line, then a decimal point followed by a letter and numbers. For example, the call number on the spine of Encounters with the Australian Constitution is:


When the catalog records were put into the online catalog, there was no way to show that blank line, so a zero was inserted. The call number for Encounters with the Australian Constitution displays in the catalog like this:


When you see a "0" in a call number in the catalog, look for a blank line on the spine of the book -- the spine of the book usually will not show that "0."


Browsing the Shelves

If you like to browse the shelves, it is important to be aware that material for one country can be shelved under two call numbers. For example, some Australian material is under KTA and some is under KU.

Even though we refer to "new call numbers" and "old call numbers," the material does not necessarily break down into "old" and "new." If the Law Library first subscribed to a periodical twenty years ago, it would have the "old" call number -- even though the most recent issue might have arrived last week! For example, the Law Library has a current subscription to Australian Law Reports, which still has an "old" call number (KTA0.A1 A5).

Material for foreign jurisdictions are found on both floors of the Library, on Floors L1 and L2. Detailed maps showing call numbers are available.


Does the Law Library Have Material for All Jurisdictions?

The Law Library does not have materials for all the countries and regions listed in the table! For example, the Law Library does not have any material with the call number KJH, for Andorra. But if the library does acquire a book on the law of Andorra, it will be assigned this call number, the call number the Library of Congress uses.

The Library has very strong collections for East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan) and good collections for some common law countries (the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada). But it has very little for many countries in the world. In the table, the names of countries for which the library has strong collections are IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

Multijurisdictional Sets

Researchers should be aware that the library subscribes to many multijurisdictional sets that include the laws from many countries. So, for example, if you are looking for a French tax law, you should not stop with browsing the shelves for the call number(s) for France (where you might not find anything on tax), but should also check Tax Laws of the World (K4504.15 1974 at Reference Area), where you will probably find a recent translation of the French statute.

Some of the most commonly used multijurisdictional sets are:

  • Commercial Laws of the World (K1004.15 1976 at Reference Area)
  • Constitutions of the Countries of the World (K3157.A2B58 1971 at Reference Area)
  • Tax Laws of the World (K4504.15 1974 at Reference Area)


Reference Assistance

For help researching East Asian law (the law of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong), see the East Asian Law Department. For all other jurisdictions, ask Reference.

Table of Call Numbers for Foreign Jurisdictions

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z

Country or Region New Call Number (LC) Old Call Number (Local)
Aden -- see Yemen    
Afghanistan KNF KPK .A4
Africa, Western -- see West Africa    
African countries KQ-KTZ KR-KRQ
Albania KJG  
Algeria KQG  
American Samoa KVH KTF .S35
Andorra KJH  
Angola KQH  
Anguilla KGJ 7000-7499  
Anguilla (St. Christopher...) -- see Saint Christopher-Nevis    
Antigua and Barbuda KGK 0-499  
Antilles, Netherlands -- see Netherlands Antilles    
Aomen -- See Macao    
Argentina KHA KHA
Armenia KLD KM
Armenia (to 1921) KMF  
Aruba KGK 1000-1499  
Asia (Southwest Asia, Middle East) KMC-KMY KPA
Assyria (ancient) KLL 1600-1899  
Australasia KVC 116 KT
Austria KJJ KKL
Azerbaijan KLE  
Babylonia (ancient) KL 2200-2499 KBB
Bahamas KGL 0-499 KGG .B34
Bahrain KMF  
Bangladesh KNG KPL
Barbados KGL 1000-1499  
Barbuda and Antigua KGK 0-499  
Bechuanaland -- see Botswana    
Belarus KLF  
Belgium KJK KJM .B4
Belize KGA KGE .B7
Benin KQJ  
Bermuda KDZ 2000-2499 KGG .B3
Bhutan KNH  
Bolivia KHC KHB .B6
Bonaire KGL 2000-2499  
Borneo, North -- see Sabah    
Bosnia-Herzegovina KKZ 5000-5099  
Botswana KQK KRL .B6
Brazil KHD KHB .B7
British Central Africa Protectorate KQM  
British East Africa (to 1964) KQN  
British Honduras -- see Belize    
British Indian Ocean Territory KQP  
British Leeward Islands -- see Leeward Islands, British    
British Solomon Islands -- see Solomon Islands     
British Virgin Islands KGL 4000-4499  
British West Africa KQC 121  
British West Indies KGL 5000-5999  
British Windward Islands KGL 6000-6499  
Brunei KNK KQB .B7
Bulgaria KJM KLK
Burkina Faso KQT  
Burma KNL KQB .B8
Burundi KQV KRK .B8
Byelorussia -- see Belarus    
Caledonia, New -- see New Caledonia    
Cambodia KNM  
Cameroon KQW  
Canal Zone KGH 9000-9499  
Canary Islands KKT  
Cape Verde KQX  
Caribbean area KGJ 0-999  
Caroline Islands KWE  
Cayman Islands KGM  
Central African Republic KRB  
Ceylon -- see Sri Lanka    
Chad KRC  
Chagos Archipelago -- see British Indian Ocean Territory    
Channel Islands KDG KDG
Chile KHF KHC .C4
CHINA (before 1949) KNN (Older materials have been reclassified with  the new call numbers.)
CHINA (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC) KNQ (Older materials have  been reclassified with  the new call numbers.)
CHINA (REPUBLIC: 1912-1949) KNN (Older materials have  been reclassified with  the new call numbers.)
CHINA (REPUBLIC: 1949- ) -- see TAIWAN    
CIS -- see Commonwealth of Independent States    
Colombia KHH KHC .C6
Commonwealth of Independent States KLA-KLY  
Comoros KRE  
Congo (Brazzaville) KRG  
Congo (Kinshasa) -- see Zaire    
Cook Islands KVL  
Corsica KJV  
Costa Rica KGB KGE .C6
Cote d'Ivoire -- see Ivory Coast    
Croatia KKZ 5200-5299 KLC
Crna Gora -- see Montenegro    
Cuba KGN  
Curacao KGP 0-499  
Cyprus KJN KPA .C9
Czech Republic (1993-), Czech Socialist Republic, 
Czechoslovakia (to 1993)

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z 

Country or Region New Call Number (LC) Old Call Number (Local)
Dahomey -- see Benin    
Denmark KJR KLP .D4
Diego Garcia -- see British Indian Ocean Territory    
Djibuti KRK  
Dominica KGP 2000-2499  
Dominican Republic KGQ  
Dutch Guiana -- see Surinam    
Dutch Leeward Islands -- see Leeward Islands, Dutch    
Dutch West Indies KGR 1000-1499  
Dutch Windward Islands -- see Windward Islands, Dutch    
East Africa, German -- see German East Africa    
East Africa, Italian -- see Italian East Africa    
East Africa Protectorate KRL  
East Germany -- see Germany (East)    
Easter Island KVM  
Ecuador KHK KHE
EEC -- see European Communities (EEC)    
Eqypt KRM KRB .E4
Egypt (ancient) KL 2800-3099 KBB
El Salvador KGC KGE .E4
Elam (ancient) KL 3500-3799  
Ellice Islands -- see Tuvalu    
Equatorial Guinea KSE KRK .E6
Eritrea KRP  
Estonia KLG  
Ethiopia KRP KRD .E8
Europe (comparative and uniform law) KJC  
Falkland Islands KHL KHX .A8
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (1953-1963) KQE 500-549 KRL .R4
Fiji KVN KTF .F5
Finland KJT KLP .F5
French Equatorial Africa KRR  
French Guiana KHM  
French Indochina KNV  
French Polynesia KVP  
French West Africa -- see West Africa, French    
French West Indies KGR 3000-3499  
Gabon KRU  
Gambia KRV KRG .G3
Gaza KMG  
Georgia (Republic) KLH  
German East Africa KRW  
Germany (East) KKA KKC
Ghana KRX KRG .G4, .G6
Gibraltar KRY KJD .G5
Gilbert Islands -- see Kiribati    
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Colony -- see Tuvalu    
Gold Coast -- see Ghana    
Greece KKE KLG
Greek (Macedonian, Hellenic) Law (ancient) KL 4110-4399 KBB
Greenland KDZ 3000-3499 KLP .G7
Grenada KGR 4000-4499  
Grenadines -- see Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    
Guadeloupe KGR 5000-5499  
Guam KVQ KTF .G8
Guatemala KGD KGE .G8
Guinea KSA  
Guinea, New -- see Papua New Guinea    
Guinea, Spanish -- see Equatorial Guinea    
Guinea-Bissau KSC  
Gulf States (regional, comparative) KMC 119 KPF .P4
Guyana KHN KHG
Haiti KGS KGG .H3
Hittite Law (ancient) KL 4700-4999 KBB
Honduras KGE  
Honduras, British -- see Belize    
HONG KONG KNR (Older materials have been reclassified with the new call numbers.)
Hungary KKF KKN
Iceland KKG KLP .I3
Indochina, French -- see French Indochina    
Indonesia KNW KQE
Iran KMH KPF .I7
Iraq KMJ  
Ireland KDK KDK
Ireland, Northern -- see Northern Ireland    
Isle of Man KDG  
Israel KMK KPD
Italian East Africa KSG  
Italy KKH KJF .I8
Ivory Coast KSH KRG .I9
Jamaica KGT 0-499 KGG .J3
JAPAN KNX-KNY (Older materials have been reclassified with the new call numbers.)
Jerusalem KML  
Jordan KMM KPF .J6
Kazakhstan KLR  
Kenya KSK KRK .K4
Kirghizia -- see Kyrgyzstan    
Kiribati KVR  

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z


Country or Region New Call Number (LC) Old Call Number (Local)
KOREA (NORTH) KPC (Older materials have been reclassified with the new call numbers.)
KOREA (SOUTH) KPA (Older materials have been reclassified with the new call numbers.)
Kosovo KKZ 5800-5899 KLC
Kuwait KMN KPF .K8
Kyrgyzstan KLS  
Laos KPE  
Latin America KG 1-1000  
Latvia KLK KLP .L3
Lebanon KMP KPA .L4
Leeward Islands, British KGL 3000-3499  
Leeward Islands, Dutch KGR 0-499  
Lesotho KSL KRQ .L4
Liberia KSN KRG .L5
Libya KSP KRB .L5
Liechtenstein KKJ  
Lithuania KLL KLP .L5
Luxembourg KKK 0-499 KJM .L8
Macao KPF  
Macedonia (Aegean Macedonia, Greece) KKE KLG
Macedonia (Ancient Greece) KL KBB
Macedonia (Medieval) KKZ 5400-5499 KLC
Macedonia (Modern) KKZ 5400-5499 KLC
Macedonia (Pirin Macedonia, Bulgaria) KJM 2935 .B54 KLK
Macedonia (Socialist Republic) KKZ 5400-5499 KLC
Madagascar -- see Malagasy Republic    
Malagasy Republic KSR  
Malawi KSS KRK .M3
Malaya KPG 6000-6499 KQB .M3
Malaysia KPG-KPH 4990 KQB .M3
Maldives KPH 5000-5499  
Mali KST  
Malta KKK 1000-1499 KJD .M3
Malvinas Islands -- see Falkland Islands    
Mariana Islands, Northern -- see Northern Mariana Islands    
Marquesas Islands KVP  
Marshall Islands KVS 0-499 KTF .M37
Martinique KGT 1000-1499  
Mauritania KSU  
Mauritius KSV 0-499 KRQ .M38
Mesopotamia (ancient) KL 900-999 KBB
Mexico KGF KGC
Mexico and Central America KG 3000-3999  
Micronesia (Federated States) KVS 500-999 KTF .M59
Middle East -- see Asia (Southwest Asia, Middle East)    
Midway Islands KVS 2500-2999  
Moldova KLM  
Monaco KKL  
Mongolia KPJ KPN .M6, KM, KQK
Montenegro KKZ 5500-5599 KLC
Montserrat KGT 2000-2499  
Morocco KSW  
Mozambique KSX  
Muscat and Oman -- see Oman    
Namibia (SW Africa) KSY  
Nauru KVU  
Near East -- see Asia (Southwest Asia, Middle East)    
Nepal KPK KPN .N4
Netherlands KKM  KJN
Netherlands Antilles KGR 1000-1499  
Nevis -- see Saint Christopher-Nevis    
New Caledonia KVW  
New Guinea -- see Papua New Guinea    
New Hebrides -- see Vanuatu    
New Zealand KUQ KTC
Nicaragua KGG KGE .N5
Niger KSZ  
Nigeria KTA KRG .N54-548
Niue KWA  
North Bornea -- see Sabah    
North Korea -- see Korea (North)    
Northern Ireland KDE  
Northern Mariana Islands KWC KTF .N67
Northern Rhodesia -- see Zambia    
Norway KKN KLP .N8
Nyasaland -- see Malawi    
OAS -- see Organization of American States    
Oceania KV-KWW KTF
Oman KMQ KPF .M8
Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) -- see Trust Territory (Pacific)    
Pacific (regional) KV 117  KTF .A1
Pakistan KPL KPL
Palau KWG KTF .P28
Palestine KMR KPD
Panama KGH 0-8000 KGE .P3
Panama Canal Zone -- see Canal Zone    
Papua New Guinea KWH KTF .N4, .P3
Paraguay KHP KHP .P3
Persia (ancient) KL 5300-5599  
Peru KHQ KHP .P4

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z


Country or Region New Call Number (LC) Old Call Number (Local)
Phoenicia (ancient) KL 5900-6199  
Pitcairn Island KWL 0-499  
Poland KKP KKR
Polynesia, French -- see French Polynesia    
Portugal KKQ KJB
Portuguese West Africa -- see West Africa, Portuguese    
Qatar KMS  
Reunion KTC  
Rhodesia -- see Zimbabwe    
Rhodesia and Nyasaland  KQM KRL.R4
Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Federation of (1953-1963) KQE 5-00-549 KRL .R4
Rhodesia, Northern -- see Zambia    
Rhodesia, Southern -- see Zimbabwe    
Romania KKR KLM
Russia KLN KM
Rwanda KTD  
Sabah KPG 2000-2499 KQB .B5, .S3
Sahara, Spanish -- see West Africa, Spanish    
Saint Christopher-Nevis KGW 2000-2499  
Saint Helena KTE  
Saint Kitts -- see Saint Christopher-Nevis    
Saint Lucia KWG 3000-3499  
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines KGW 5000-5499 KGG .S38
Salvador, El -- see El Salvador    
Samoa, American -- see American Samoa    
Samoa, Western -- see Western Samoa    
San Marino KKS  
Sao Tome and Principe KTF  
Sarawak KPG 2500-2999  
Saudi Arabia KMT KPF .S3
Savage Island -- see Niue    
Scandinavia   KLP .A1
Scotland KDC KDC
Senegal KTG  
Serbia KKZ 5700-5799 KLC
Seychelles KTH KRQ .S4
Sierra Leone    
Singapore KPP KQB .S5
Singapore (1957-1965) -- see Malaysia    
Singapore (Straits Settlements)  KPG 5000-5499 KQB .S8
Sint Eustatius KGW 7000-7499  
Sint Maarten KGW 8000-8499  
Slovak Socialist Republic KJP 5260-5359 KKP
Slovakia KJQ KKP
Slovenia KKZ 6200-6299 KLC
Solomon Islands KWL 2000-2499 KTF .S62
Somalia KTK KRD .S6
South America KH KH
South Korea -- see Korea (South)    
South Yemen -- see Yemen (People's Democratic Republic)    
Southwest Africa -- see Namibia    
Soviet Union KLA-KLX KM
Spain KKT KJD .S6
Spanish Sahara -- see West Africa, Spanish    
Spanish Guinea -- see Equatorial Guinea    
Spanish West Africa -- see West Africa, Spanish    
Sri Lanka KPS KPN .C4
Straits Settlements KPG 5000-5499 KQB .S8
St. Pierre & Miquelon KDZ 4000-4999  
Sudan KTQ KRD .S8
Sumer (ancient) KL 1000-1299  
Surinam KHS  
Swaziland KTR KRQ .S8
Sweden KKV KLP .S9
Switzerland KKW KKH .S9
Syria KMU  
Tahiti KVP  
TAIWAN KNP (Older materials have been reclassified with the new call numbers.)
Tajikistan KLT  
Tanzania KTT KRK .T3, .T35
Thailand KPT KQB .T4
Tibet KNQ 8700-8799  
Togo KTU KRG .T6
Tonga KWP KTF .T6
Trinidad and Tobago KGX KGG .T7
Trust Territory (Pacific) KWE KTF .T7
Tunisia KTV  
Turkey KKX KPA .T8
Turkmenistan KLT  
Turks and Caicos Islands KGY  
Tuvalu KWQ  
Uganda KTW KRK .U4
Ukraine KLP KM, KM .U3
United Kingdom  KD KD
United States KF KF
United States Virgin Islands -- see Virgin Islands of the United States    
Upper Volta -- see Burkina Faso    
Uruguay KHU KHU

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z


Country or Region New Call Number (LC) Old Call Number (Local)
USSR -- see Soviet Union    
Uzbekistan KLW  
Vanuatu KWR  
Vatican City KKY  
Venezuela KHW KHV
Vietnam KPV, KPW KQB .V5
Virgin Islands, British -- see British Virgin Islands    
Virgin Islands of the United States KGZ  
Vojvodina KKZ 6000-6299 KLC
Wake Island KWT 0-489  
Wales KD KD
Wallis and Fortuna Islands KWT 2000-2490  
West Africa KQC 120-121 KRG
West Africa, French KRS  
West Africa, Portuguese KQH  
West Africa, Spanish KTN  
West Germany -- see Germany (West)    
West Indies KGJ 0-999 KGG
West Indies, British -- see British West Indies    
West Indies, Dutch -- see Dutch West Indies    
West Indies, French -- see French West Indies    
Western Samoa KWW  
Windward Islands, British -- see British Windward Islands    
Windward Islands, Dutch KGR 2000-2499  
Yemen Arab Republic KMX KPF .Y4
Yemen (People's Democratic Republic) KMY KPF .A4
Yugoslavia KKZ 1-6990 KLC
Zaire KTX KRK .C65
Zambia KTY KRK .Z3
Zanzibar (to 1964) KTY 1500-1599 KRK .T38
Zimbabwe KTZ KRL .R4
Zimbabwe-Rhodesia -- see Zimbabwe    

Country or Region: A---B--- C---D---E---F---G--- H---I---J---K--- L---M---N--- O---P---Q---R---S--- T---U---V--- W---X---Y---Z