Japanese Laws in English (2nd edition) (JLE) not only updates the contents of the original 1995 edition, but it also adds several key features and improvements that will make the index even more useful. Each entry now includes the law's latest date of amendment, the translation's year of publication, the title in Japanese characters, and the EHS series designation (where appropriate; see below for more details). Plus, there is expanded and enhanced subject access. Subsequent editions of JLE (provisionally every two or three years) will update this information as new translations are added to EHS.

JLE is a supplementary finding aid, and serves as a companion volume to the EHS Law Bulletin Series. JLE guides the user quickly and easily to the desired law in EHS. No matter whether a search for a law begins with the English title, the Japanese title, the subject, or the law number and date, it can be found in JLE as long as it is included in the current EHS catalog (as of August 2000). JLE does not provide information about previous editions of EHS translations; it covers only those included in the current EHS Law Bulletin Series.


JLE is divided into four sections: English Title, Japanese Title, Enactment Year, and Subject. The English Title section is an alphabetical listing of the English titles of laws included in EHS. The Japanese Title section is an alphabetical listing of romanizations of the Japanese title as printed (in Japanese characters) on the title page of each law.

The Enactment Year section lists all the laws by the year in which they were originally enacted.  Within each year, the laws are organized alphabetically by type (e.g., Cabinet Order, Law, Ministerial Order, etc.), and within the types by law number. Since Japanese laws are usually cited by enactment date and law number, this index provides an important access point. 

The final listing is by Subject. English language subject headings are in alphabetical order, and within each subject area, the EHS translations are listed in alphabetical order by English title. The subject headings are adapted from the headings used by the Current Index to Legal Periodicals, another publication of the Gallagher Law Library. A list of subject headings used is located at the beginning of the Subject Index.

Except where noted below, each JLE entry includes the following information:

Ø      English title

Ø      Japanese title (in Japanese characters (kanji))

Ø      Romanized Japanese title
(in the Japanese Romanized title index only)

Ø      Subject
(in the subject index only)

Ø      Law type and number

Ø      Enactment date

Ø      Year of publication

Ø      Date of latest amendment

Ø      EHS volume number

Ø      EHS part number (when applicable)

Ø      EHS translation ID number and letter

Ø      EHS Series Designation
(when a pamphlet contains more than one law;  This is useful since some EHS pamphlets contain laws with out-of-sequence translation ID numbers.)