Description of the EHS Law Bulletin Series

The EHS Law Bulletin Series, Japan (EHS) has been published since the late 1940s by Eibun-Horei-Sha (EHS Co.) in Tokyo. It is the most comprehensive collection of English translations of Japanese laws.  As of August 2000, It includes some 330 current translations of Japanese laws into English. It is not advertised as a source of official translations of Japanese laws, but for many laws EHS has been the only readily available English translation.

About once a year, the EHS company issues updated translations of selected Japanese laws (along with an updated catalog). The majority of these are laws that have been translated by EHS previously, but have recent amendments. Only selected EHS translations are updated in this way every year.Occasionally, a translation of a law not previously included in EHS is added (for example, the Products Liability Law was added in 1996).

The most recent version of EHS is published in 11 binders, with a total of 8 volumes (some of the volumes are in two parts). The binders contain pamphlets, each of which holds a law or in some cases two or more laws. When the laws are updated, the entire pamphlet is replaced.

How EHS Is Organized

Each law in the EHS Law Bulletin Series has a unique translation number (printed in the upper left corner of the title page) which corresponds to the volume number of the binder in which it is found. All the numbers in the 1000's, for instance, are in volume 1.It is usually most convenient to find a law in EHS using the translation number or series designation (see below); for this reason, both of these numbers (when applicable) are noted in every JLE entry.

Some EHS pamphlets contain only one law, while others contain several related laws, each with its own translation number. Pamphlets containing more than one law have a "series designation" on the cover (such as the designation Nos. 8000-8030. This designation indicates the range of translation numbers for particular laws included in that pamphlet.

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