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Members of the Marian Gallagher Society

This list of the members of the Marian Gallagher Society is arranged in alphabetical order by last name. The year of initial membership is given.

Allan Baris and Karen Watts, 2009

Judith and Arnold Bendich, 2005 (Charter Members)

Professor Charles Corker, wife Betty, and family, 2009

Gerald N. and Lucille Curtis, 2009 (See Oct. 28, 2009 press release)

The Estate of Lloyd A. DuCommun, 2009

The Estate of Alfred E. and Dorothy L. Harsch, 2009

Penny A. and Norris J. Hazelton, 2004 (Charter Members)

The Loren Hickman Family, 2011

The Honorable Alfred and Lillian Holte, 2010

Mary A. Hotchkiss and Mary Whisner, 2004 (Charter Members)

Levinson, Friedman, Vhugen, Duggan, Bland, and Horowitz, 2010

Robert S. Macfarlane Jr. and Family, 2010

Polly and David McNeill, 2004 (Charter Members)

Dudley and Anne Panchot, 2011

Dean Richard Roddis, Joanne and Family, 2004 (Charter Members)

Professor Emeritus Marjorie D. and Edgar R. Rombauer, 2009

The Estate of Lowden Sammis, 2009

Guy Towle, 2009

Professor Jane K. and Peter A. Winn, 2009