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The top 4 employers of alumni are : Seattle University (5), Univertsity of Washington (5), Chapman University (4), Georgetown University (4). (7/2015)

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Law Librarianship Program - University of Washington


The UW Law Librarianship Program requires applicants with a JD; however, a career in law librarianship does not necessarily require a JD. UW MLIS students who have an interest in joining the law librarianship profession are advised to register for the following courses:
  • LIS 526 Government Publications (3 credits)
  • LIS 587 Library Technology Systems (4 credits, fulfills the Information Technology core course for Law MLIS students)
  • LIS 592 Legal Research II (4 credits)
  • LIS 593 Selection and Processing of Law Library Materials (3 credits)
MLIS students are encouraged to contact Richard Jost (rmjost@uw.edu), Interim Director of the Law Librarianship Program, with any questions regarding law librarianship.

Please contact us any time with comments or questions at UW Law Librarianship Program

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