East Asia Related Research:
A Quick-start Guide
Updated March 16, 2011

East Asian Law Department
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  • Description of EALD and the East Asian Collection
    • One of the best East Asian Law Collections in North America
      According to a recent count, our Library holds approximately 19,299 titles (44,407 volumes) in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, comprising about 7% of our total collection.  Of those, there are 12,359 titles (30,521  volumes) in Japanese, 5,556  titles (10,826 volumes) in Chinese, and 1,384 titles (3,060 volumes)  in Korean.  In addition, there are 4,686 English language titles (7,470 volumes) on East Asian law.  We have a total of 23,985 titles (51,877 volumes) on East Asian law in various languages (about 9% of the library's collection).

      Each month, we receive new East Asian law-related titles that include purchased monographs, donations, and series volumes on standing order. The CJK new monograph titles lists and RSS feeds are here.  All of our East Asian materials are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system (call numbers).  Under the system, legal materials about Japan are shelved in KNX, Chinese law is found at KNQ, KPA is for Korean law, and Taiwan law is under KNP.  For books on East Asian law in general, call numbers begin with KNC.
    • Subscriptions to many East Asian law-related databases
    • Collection of East Asian legal materials started in the 1940s with Japanese materials. Major additions to the collection began in the early 1960s, with the founding of the Asian Law Program (now the Asian Law Center)
      (see the Timeline, 1961-2005)
  • EALD Web Page Highlights
    • Research Guides for China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
    • East Asian Databases page
    • East Asian Online Journals
    • Presentations on East Asian Law (PowerPoint)
  • Where to Find Stuff
          • China Academic Journals
          • CiNii (Japan)
          • Law&b (Korea)
    • Newspapers
      • Westlaw
      • LexisNexis
      • Factiva
        Includes current newspapers and some back issues, in English and many other languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
        UW Libraries Articles and Research Databases Page
      • East Asian language resources (see specific research guides)
    • Other Information (Statistics, Websites, Foreign Government Publications
      • Legal Research Guides
      • Free Government Websites
        Often includes laws and cases in English and in the original language
      • Google Searching
      • Foreign Wikipedia