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State Constitutions

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Updated Jan. 10, 2014.

Map of the United States

This guide identifies selected sources for state constitutions.

Free Sources

Constitution Finder from University of Richmond School of Law
Includes current and historical constitutions. Use the Search feature to locate a particular state.

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes from Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
Scroll down to Constitutions, Statutes, and Legislative Information--By State. A finding list of Internet sites containing states' constitutions: arranged by state.

State Constitutions from Findlaw
Select a state name from the State Resources list; the link to the constitution will be found in the "Laws" section.


Commercial Source

LexisNexis Academic (UW Restricted)

State Rules and Regulations on LexisNexis Academic

1. Click on "Search by Content Type"

2. Click on "State Statutes and Regulations

Search State Constitutions on LexisNexis Academic

3. Click on "Advanced Options"

4. Click in the box next to "Constitution"

5. Click in the box next to a specific state

Note: You can search multiple state


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