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This page links to databases and websites that provide legal information and materials (including laws, bills, court opinions, and related documents) and/or links to legal material. Most of these sites are freely available to all users with Internet access. Some sites are UW Restricted, that is, available to University of Washington faculty, students, and staff and visitors to UW Libraries. This list does not include material that is available on Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.

For information on how to conduct various types of legal research, consult a reference librarian or read a legal research guide. You might also find it useful to read How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers.



Washington State
Washington State Flag



Other States
Map of the United States
Foreign Countries
World Map

Wash. State Constitution History Project


U.S. Constitution
State Constitutions
Legislative Branch
Bills & Laws
Laws, Legislation & the Legislature

Bill-Tracking Guide

U.S. Laws

State Laws & Legislatures

Executive Branch
Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations
U.S. Rules & Regulations
State Rules & Regulations

President/Governor Executive Orders
U.S. Presidential Publications
Governors (National Governors Association)

Agency Decisions & Guidance Documents

Attorney General

Environment & Natural Resources

Financial Services & Securities

Occupational & Professional Licensing

Public Employees

Tax & Utilities

Decisions & Other Actions
(University of Virginia Library)

LexisNexis Academic [UW Restricted] (federal agency decisions combined file)

Judicial Branch
Court Opinions & Rules Court Opinions & Related Sources
U.S. Court Opinions
State Court Websites (National Center for State Courts)
World Legal Information Institute
Related Sources
City & County Ordinances & Codes Municipal Codes, Ordinances & Administrative Decisions
[not applicable]

Code Library (Municipal Code Corporation)

Code Publishing Company

Public Records Public Records Databases
U.S. Public Record Databases
State Agency Databases (American Libraries Association)

Legal & Government Directories
Legal Community
U.S. Government Directories

Mulit-State, Multi-Sources
Starting Places
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