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Updated Feb. 4, 2014.

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This guide identifies free sources for administrative rules and regulations issued by Washington State agencies, Attorney General opinions, and Governor's executive orders. See also the Gallagher guide on Washington Administrative Law Research.

Note: HeinOnline and LexisNexis Academic are commercial services to which the UW Libraries subscribe. Access is restricted to visitors of the UW Libraries and to University of Washington faculty, students, and staff. (UW Restricted)

Washington Administrative Code

Washington Administrative Code

Commonly abbreviated as WAC, the Washington Administrative Code contains rules and regulations currently in force and arranged by subject. It is published every two years, with a supplement in the off-year. It is updated by the Washington State Register.


WAC from the Legislative Search page searchable, current edition only.
Washington Administrative Code

WAC on the Legislature's page: arranged by title and searchable, current.

WAC on LexisNexis Academic [UW Restricted]: searchable, current. Click on "Search by Content Type" and then "State Statutes and Regulations"

State Rules and Regulations on LexisNexis Academic

Click on "Advanced Options" and then the box next to "Administrative Code." Finally, click on the box next to "Washington."

Advanced State Regulations Search on LexisNexis Academic

WAC Archive from the Office of the Code Reviser: Archived versions are available as PDF files for years 2004-2013.


Washington State Register

Published every two weeks, the Register contains new regulations and amendments to existing regulations. It updates the Washington Administrative Code.

WSR from Legislative Search: searchable, from 1997.

Washington State Register

WSR from the Office of the Code Reviser: includes annual indexes (from 1997) and tables of Washington Administrative Code sections affected by filings in the Washington State Register (also from 1997).

WSR from LexisNexis Academic: searchable alone or with the Washington Administrative Code), from 1996. UW Restricted
Washington State Register on LexisNexis Academic


Attorney General Opinions

Among the duties of the Attorney General is the responsibility to "[c]onsult with and advise the governor, members of the legislature, and other state officers, and when requested, give written opinions upon all constitutional or legal questions relating to the duties of such officers." RCW 43.10.030(5)

Opinions from the Attorney General's Office: from October 1949: searchable and grouped by topic.

HeinOnline: searchable, from 1888. UW Restricted

LexisNexis Academic: Legal > Federal & State Codes > Attorney General Opinions, All States; searchable. UW Restricted


Governors' Executive Orders

Article 3, section 5 of the Washington State Constitution deals with the Governor's general duties. "The governor may require information in writing from the officers of the state upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and shall see that the laws are faithfully executed."

Executive Orders from the Office of the Governor: arranged by date, from 1913.

Executive Orders, directives, and proclamations from the current Governor Jay Inslee.


Other Online Resources

Access Washington: Washington State's main homepage, with links to agencies, boards, commissions, and departments.

Find-It! Washington: a guide to Washington State Government information and publications.


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