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Washington Court Opinions, Court Rules, Other Judicial Materials & the Courts

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Updated March 5, 2014.

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Washington State has four court levels:

  1. Supreme Court
  2. Court of Appeals
  3. Superior courts
  4. Courts of limited jurisdiction

For more information, see the Guide to Washington State Courts.

Court Opinions

Only the written opinions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are routinely available. Decisions of the lower (trial) courts are not generally published or distributed.
When searching online sources, use words and phrases you would expect a judge to have used.

Supreme CourtCourt of AppealsSourceNotes
1854-1939 Municipal Research & Services Center Searchable; browse by volume number
Municipal Research & Services Center Searchable; browse by volume number
1969-date Municipal Research & Services Center Searchable; browse by volume number
1854-date 1969-date LexisNexis Academic Searchable
US Legal > Federal & State Cases > Jurisdiction option: Washington
UW Restricted
1950-date 1950-date Google Scholar Searchable
Use Advanced Search to limit Legal opinions and journals to search only Washington State opinions
1997-date 1997-date Findlaw Searchable
Search by name, docket number, date, or keyword
last 90 days last 90 days Washington Courts Searchable
Search by court, published or unpublished status, date, or keyword
Option to sign up for an RSS feed of opinions as they are issued


Court RulesWashington State Temple of Justice

Washington State Court Rules from the Washington Courts
Statewide and local rules, searchable, current

LexisNexis Academic: Sources > Browse Sources > Court Materials & Jury Instructions > Rules > filter by Country (United States) then Region (Washington)
Statewide and local rules; also rules of federal courts sitting in Washington; searchable. UW Restricted

Style Sheet from the Office of the Reporter of Decisions
Used for creating citations to Washington legal sources for documents submitted to Washington courts; current as of Dec. 28, 2010


Court Forms

Courts sometimes require the use of specific forms for specific purposes. The links below direct you to such mandatory forms. In the absence of a mandatory form, you may prepare a form based on samples found in a variety of publications. See, for example, the information and forms available at WashingtonLawHelp.

Washington State Court Forms from the Washington Courts
Court-mandated forms for specific types of actions, including child support, divorce and separation, domestic violence, garnishment, small claims, and other topics; with instructions; current. See also General Information and Format and Style Rules for Mandatory Forms.

King County Superior Court forms

Pierce County Superior Court forms

For forms that may be required by other superior, district, and limited jurisdiction courts, see the Washington State Court Directories page on the Washington Courts website.


Judicial Ethics

Judicial discipline database from the Commission on Judicial Conduct: searchable by name, type of disciplinary action, county, court, and date; from Jan. 1982

Public actions: arranged by year; from Oct. 1982

Code of Judicial Conduct; revised 2011

Judicial ethics opinions from the Ethics Advisory Committee: searchable, from 1984


Court Briefs

Briefs are written by attorneys to persuade the court to render a decision in their client's favor.

See the Gallagher guide on Court Briefs & Oral Arguments: Washington State Supreme Court and Court Briefs & Oral Arguments: Washington State Court of Appeals.


Court Websites

Washington State Courts

King County Superior Court

King County District Court

Seattle Municipal Court

Other Superior, Juvenile, District & Municipal Courts: arranged by city or county, searchable

Tribal courts


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