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Joan Fitzpatrick, 1950-2003

Joan Fitzpatrick

Biographical Information


  • B.A. summa cum laude, History, 1972. Rice University. Phi Beta Kappa
  • J.D. magna cum laude, 1975. Harvard Law School
  • Diploma in Law, 1980. Oxford University


University of Washington School of Law

  • Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Professor of Law, March 2000
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, July 1993 to June 1994
  • Associate Professor, Jan. 1984 to Sept. 1985

Fundamentals of Human Rights, Oxford University/George Washington University Program in Human Rights, Oxford, 1996, 1998, 1999 & 2002

Immigration Law, University of San Diego Program in Paris, 1997

Immigration Law, University of San Diego Program in Mexico City, 1990

Associate Professor of Law, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, July 1982 to Jan. 1984

Visiting Associate Professor of Law, University of Virginia, Aug. 1982 to May 1983

Assistant Professor of Law, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Aug. 1980 to July 1982

Attorney, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC, Feb. 1977 to Sept. 1979

Trial attorney, Bureau of Competition, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC, Sept. 1975 to Feb. 1977

Awards & Honors

Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Endowed Professorship, University of Washington School of Law, 2000.

Horowitz Lecturer for Teaching Excellence, 1991-92, University of Washington School of Law.

Spencer Short Award for Excellence in Scholarship, 1994-95, University of Washington School of Law.

University of Washington Law School Foundation Scholar, 1995-97.

Professor of the Year, 1985-86, 1987-88, University of Washington School of Law.

Bar Memberships

Bar of Massachusetts

Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court


Obituaries & Tributes

Joan Fitzpatrick Human Rights Conference, Feb. 27-29, 2004, at the University of Cincinnati Law School, in conjunction with Amnesty International USA Legal Network's biannual meeting.

Roland L. Hjorth, Joan Fitzpatrick: In Memoriam, 78 Wash. L. Rev. 973-75 (2003).

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The Guardian (UK), May 23, 2003, by Irene Khan, Secretary-General of Amnesty International, reprinted at 78 Wash. L. Rev. 981-83 (2003).

The Seattle Times, May 23, 2003.

Comments upon Prof. Fitzpatrick's installation as the Jeffrey & Susan Brotman Professor of Law, March 2000.



Human Rights Protection for Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, and Internally Displaced Persons: A Guide to International Mechanisms And Procedures (Joan Fitzpatrick ed., Transnational 2002). 665 pages.

David Weissbrodt, Joan Fitzpatrick & Frank Newman, International Human Rights: Law, Policy, and Process (3d ed.  Anderson 2001). 1150 pages.

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Chapters in Books

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