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Washington State Legislative History

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Free & Commercial Databases

Lexis Advance and WestlawNext provide access to much of the same information found for free at the Washington Legislature's website. The following table identifies the type of documents used in Washington State legislative history research and where these documents may be found in online.

Document type

WA Legis.


Lexis Advance


Bill text

1985 -

Washington Full-text Bills, 1995 -

Washington Proposed Legislation, current
Washington Historical Proposed Legislation, 2005 -

Bill tracking

1997 -

Washington Bill Tracking Reports, 1989 -

Washington Bill Tracking, current
Washington Bill Tracking, Historical, 2005 - previous session

Bill reports a

1985 -

Washington Bill Analysis & Other Reports, 1997 -


1995- (audio/video)

Committee meetings

WA Digital Archives, House, 1973-2002

WA Digital Archives, Senate, 1972-2004

Journals 2

1993 -

Voting records 5

House, 2002-

Washington roll call votes, 1997 -


1997 - 3

Governor's messages

territorial days - 3

Washington Governor's messages, 4/1997 -

Combined sources

1985 -
1991 - 4

Washington Legislative Bill History, 2002 - 6

Washington Legislative History, 1997 -
(a combined file with bill reports, governor's messages, and roll call votes)

a. Bill reports were not printed and distributed before this date. Contact the Washington State Archives in Olympia to inquire about the availability of older bill reports. (360) 586-1492,

1. Audio is free; videotapes are available for purchase.

2. A CD-ROM of the final House and Senate Journals for the 2005 session are available. KFW.18.2W33 2005 at Reference Area. The data is in large Portable Document Format files.

3. Veto messages are included in the Session laws. Partial and full veto messages are also found on the Governor's archived website under "Bill Actions," 2005-12 and on the current Governor's Bill Action page.

4. LEGLink, a fee-based service of the Washington State Legislature, was discontinued at the end of the 2005 legislative session. Content available as "Detailed Legislative Reports" includes bill summaries, texts, roll call votes, bill status, companion bills, bill tracking, floor activity, reports, and indexes.

5. Click on Members by Name and then select an individual. Links to voting records are found on the right side of the page.

6. Includes "Bill Analyses, Governor's Messages, Committee Reports, Fiscal Messages, Summary Amendments, and other" documents. Partial coverage 2002-2005 and from 2008; full coverage from 2006.


Other Legislative History Research Guides

Several other libraries in the state have produced their own guides to Washington legislative history.

Legislative History, Washington State Archives, Washington State Archives

Washington Legislative History Research, Seattle University Law Library

Legislative History Guide, Public Law Library of King County

Washington Legislative History and Intent, Washington State Law Library

For guides to legislative history for other states, see State Legislative History Guides, Indiana University Mauer School of Law Library


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