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Patent Law: Secondary Sources

Updated June 25 2014.
Prepared by Shannon Malcolm, Law Librarianship Intern; updated by Jonathan Germann, Law Librarianship Intern (2014).

This guide identifies print and online sources focused on U.S. patent law. See also the companion Gallagher guide Patent Law: Primary Sources.

Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and WestlawNext are available only to subscribers who have individual IDs or passwords. Bloomberg BNA and HeinOnline are available to UW School of Law students, faculty, and staff and to visitors of the Gallagher Law Library. [UW Restricted],

Introductory Materials

Bloomberg Law:  Practice Center and Treatises

Patent Law, 3d ed. [4th ed. Table of contents]
Previous title: An Introduction to Patent Law.Patent Law Essentials
KF3114.M84 2009 at Classified Stacks

Patent Law Basics. Westlaw Next
A one-volume work providing an overview of patent law, "without assuming prior knowledge of the subject."

Patent Law Essentials: A Concise Guide, 4th ed. [Publisher's description]
KF3114.3.D87 2013 at Reference Area

Patent Law Handbook. Annual. WestlawNext
Focuses on infringement defenses, litigation, and remedies.

Patent Law in a Nutshell, 2d ed.
KF3114.85.A34 2013 at Reference Area

Principles of Patent Law. (Concise Hornbook Series)
KF3114.S34 2004 at Reference Area

For additional titles, search the Law Library catalog by one or more of the following subject headings:

  • Patent laws and legislation--United States



Modern Patent Law Precedent: Dictionary of Key Terms and Concepts, 5th ed.
Defines more than 2,000 terms and concepts.
KF3109.A35 2003 at Classified Stacks & WestlawNext


Treatises are lengthy, scholarly works.

Chisum on Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity, and Infringement. 15 vols.
KF3114.C55 at Reference Area & Lexis Advance

Moy's Walker on Patents, 4th ed. 3 vols.
KF3114.M69 2003 at Classified Stacks & Westlaw Next

Patent Law Fundamentals. 5 vols.
KF3114.R66 2001 at Classified Stacks & Westlaw Next

Patent Law Perspectives, 2d ed. 8 vols.
KF3110.P37 2012 at Reference Area & Lexis Advance

Bloomberg Law: Harmon on Patents: Black-Letter Law and Commentary.


Practice Materials

These materials are intended for use by practicing attorneys.

Bloomberg Law: Practice Center

Anatomy of a Patent Case, 2d ed.
KF3120 .A84 2009 at Classified Stacks & Bloomberg BNA

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Practice & Procedure. 2 vols.
KF3157 .D86 at Classified Stacks & Lexis Advance

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, 8th ed.
KF3120.A6P37 2008 at Reference Area & 9th ed. 2014 at U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Patent Law: A Practitioner's Guide, 3d ed.
KF3114.H54 1998 at Classified Stacks

Patent Litigation Strategies Handbook, 3d ed.
KF3155 .P37 2010 at Classified Stacks & Bloomberg BNA

Patent Office Litigation. Westlaw Next

Patent Office Rules and Practice. Lexis Advance

Patent Prosecution: Law, Practice, and Procedure, 6th ed.
KF3120.D66 2009 at Reference Area & 8th ed. Bloomberg BNA

Patent Prosecution: Practice and Procedure Before the U.S. Patent Office, 3d ed.
KF3120.D66 2003 at Classified Stacks

Patents and the Federal Circuit, 11th ed.
KF3114 .H347 2013 at Classified Stacks & Bloomberg BNA

To find additional materials, search the Law Library catalog by one or more of the following subject headings:

  • Patent infringement--United States
  • Patent practice--United States
  • Patent suits--United States

Forms & Formbooks

AmJur Legal Forms 2d: Patents
KF170.A4 1971 & Westlaw Next

Patent Disputes: Litigation Forms & Analysis. Westlaw Next

Patent Law Practice Forms. Westlaw Next

Patent Official Forms. Westlaw Next

Patent License Agreements: Law and Forms.
KF3145.A65N6 at Classified Stacks

Patent Licensing: Strategy, Negotiation, Forms.
KF3145.H65 at Classified Stacks

See also the Gallagher guide on Drafting Contracts: Formbooks & Drafting Resources for general formbook resources.


How-To Books

Patent It Yourself, 12th ed.
KF3114.6.P74 2008 at Reference Area

The Inventor's Notebook: A "Patent It Yourself" Companion.
KF3114.6.G75 2008 at Reference Area

How To Write a Patent Application.
KF3120.S54 2009 at Reference Area

For additional titles, search the Law Library catalog for this subject heading: Patent practice--United States--Popular works


Practical Websites

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. Patent & Trademark OfficeA website containing United State Government information on Patents.

American Bar Association
Intellectual Property Law Section of the America Bar association.

National Association of Patent Practitioners
A non-profit association supporting professionals in the field of patent prosecution.

Cornell Legal Information Institute
An overview of patent law from Wex, Cornell LII's legal encyclopedia.

American Patent and Trademark Law Center
Website of independent patent attorneys.


Selected Specialized Journals & Newsletters

These journals and newsletters include the word "patent" in their titles. Many other journals and newsletters cover patent issues generally. Use an index like LegalTrac or search journal and law review databases on Lexis Advance, LexisNexis Academic, or WestlawNext.AIPLA Quarterly Journal

AIPLA Quarterly Journal, from the American Intellectual Property Law Association, 1984-date.
Shelved by title at Compact Stacks & available on HeinOnline [UW Restricted], Lexis Advance & Westlaw Next

Andrews Patent Litigation Reporter.
Westlaw Next

BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, 1970-date.
KF2972 .B8 at Classified Stacks & Bloomberg BNA [UW Restricted] & Bloomberg Law

BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Daily
Bloomberg BNA [UW Restricted] & Bloomberg Law

Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society, 1918-date
Shelved by title at Compact Stacks & available on HeinOnline. [UW Restricted], Lexis Advance & Westlaw Next


Foreign & International Secondary Sources

This is a short list of selected titles and sources

Baxter World Patent Law.
Lexis Advance

Concordance: United States Patent Classification to International Patent Classification.
T223.F4A56 2000 at Classified Stacks

European Patent Law: Law and Procedure under the EPC and PCT.
KJC2725.P7313 1999 at Classified Stacks

International Patent Litigation: A Country-by-Country Analysis.
K1505.4.I57 at Reference Area & Bloomberg Law

Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win.
Bloomberg Law

The TRIPS Regime of Patent Rights.
K1505.C37 2002 at Classified Stacks


World Intellectual Property OrganizationWorld Intellectual Property Organization
A global forum for intellectual property services.

Collection of Laws for Electronic Access
WIPO search facility for national laws and treaties.

Canadian Patents Database
Canadian patent database with over 2 million searchable patents.

European Patent Office
European patent office website with searchable patents and application information.

Japan Patent Office
Information on patent rights in Japan.

United Kingdom Patent Office
Information on patent rights in the United Kingdom.


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