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Website of the Week for Feb. 26, 2007

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Website of the Week Archive

University of Minnesota Law School Library, Frequently-Cited Treaties and Other International Instruments

Law review cite-checkers and other treaty researchers will find this guide very useful. Included are approximately 70 treaties most frequently cited in law review articles.

The citations include:

  • name of the treaty
  • published sources, including the UN Treaty Series, International Legal Materials, the U.S. Statutes at Large, and the US Treaty Series
  • links to online sources, including the American Society of International Law's EISIL database and Hein Online

The list is organized by topic and the categories include:

  • criminal law
  • environmental law
  • European Union
  • general international law
  • human rights
  • intellectual property
  • trade and economic law

We will add this link to the Gallagher guide on Treaties & Other International Agreements.

Site suggested by Ann Hemmens.

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