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Website of the Week for Feb. 12, 2007

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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Law Library of Congress, Multinational Collections Database

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Finding a foreign country's law, by subject, in English, is a continuing challenge for the American legal researcher. The Multinational Collections Database is a new tool that helps the researcher identify print publications that contains laws.

Search the collection by:

  • title of the publication
  • jurisdiction
  • subject

and select the order in which the search results should be presented:

  • title
  • jurisdiction
  • subject

Some of the subjects include:

AIDS extradition lawyers patents & trademarks social security
arbitration human rights licensing property law taxation
banks & banking investment maritime law public health torts
civil procedure judges medical law publishing trade
computer law labor law money securities wildlife

The database leads users to print materials held by the Law Library of Congress. To find out if the Gallagher Law Library also has an item, search our catalog by the title of the publication.

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