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Website of the Week for April 2, 2007

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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U.S. Supreme Court Justices Database

This database contains "a wealth of information on individuals nominated (whether confirmed or not) to the U.S. Supreme Court," from John Jay to Samuel A. Alito, Jr. It includes 263 variables in 5 categories:

  • identifiers
  • background characteristics and personal attributes
  • nomination and confirmation
  • service on the Court
  • departures from the bench

Specific data points include:

  • year of nomination
  • recess appointments
  • date and place of birth
  • gender, national origin, race, and religion
  • educational background (including undergraduate, graduate, and law school)
  • bar admissions, judicial clerkship experience, law school teaching experience, judicial and political service
  • economic and social liberalism score of the nominating President
  • interest groups supporting or opposing the nominee
  • concurring, dissenting, and majority opinions written
  • voting records in civil rights, criminal, economic, federalism, First Amendment, tax, and union cases

Users may download the database in several formats: SPSS (formerly known as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), Stata (another statistical program), and Excel (a spreadsheet program).

Reading or browsing the 140-page documentation guide is recommended for new users.

The database will be updated as new nominations are made.

The project is operated by faculty and staff at the Northwestern University School of Law and is funded by the National Science Foundation, Law and Social Science Program.

2008, M.G. Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington