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Website of the Week for October 30, 2006

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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Harvard University Library, Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930

This site is "a collection of selected historical materials from Harvard's libraries, archives, and museums that documents voluntary immigration to the US from the signing of the Constitution to the onset of the Great Depression."

It "includes approximately 1,800 books and pamphlets as well as 6,000 photographs, 200 maps, and 13,000 pages from manuscript and archival collections."

The site features

One example shows the range of available resources. Browsing the collection by theme, I chose the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Following a brief introduction is a lengthy list of publications. Articles, books, government publications, pamphlets, and sermons are listed by author. Each item is linked to the full-text document.

Items may be quickly converted to PDF images for downloading or printing.

For a random assortment of recent or interesting items on immigration, see:


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