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Website of the Week for May 22, 2006

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Website of the Week Archive


Law Library of Congress, Global Legal Monitor,

The Global Legal Monitor is a new electronic publication from the Law Library of Congress.

It draws upon official national legal publications and reliable press sources. Topics covered in the first issue--dated May 2006--include:

  • attorneys and judges
  • communications and electronic information
  • election/campaign law
  • employment law
  • environmental law
  • family law
  • foreign trade and trade regulation
  • health law and regulation
  • human rights
  • immigration and nationality law
  • international relations
  • terrorism

Each item consists of one or two paragraphs, followed by a citation to the source of the information. The first issue is 50 pages long.

2008, M.G. Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington