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Website of the Week for February 6, 2006

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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The Section 108 Study Group,

The Library of Congress convened the "Section 108 Study Group" with the purpose of "conduct[ing] a reexamination of the exceptions and limitations applicable to libraries and archives under the Copyright Act, specifically in light of the changes wrought by digital media. . . . The group will provide findings and recommendations on how to revise the copyright law in order to ensure an appropriate balance among the interests of creators and other copyright holders, libraries and archives in a manner that best serves the national interest."

The Study Group consists of copyright experts  - legal scholars, librarians, and executives from the publishing, software, and music industries. The Group is to make recommendation to the Librarian of Congress regarding potential amendments to the Copyright Act by mid-2006.

The website provides links to:

  • background papers and reports discussing copyright issues related to libraries and archives
  • text and an overview of Section 108 of the Copyright Act
  • schedule of the Study Group meetings (those currently listed are closed to the public)
  • online comment submission form
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