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Website of the Week for Dec. 4, 2006

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

A "a unique collaboration involving community groups, UW faculty, and both undergraduate and graduate students" created this website.

The site features material on African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and "urban" Indians. Oral histories and interviews with activists, slideshows, maps, research reports, photos, and other sources are found.

Local legal scholars will be interested in the Segregated Seattle section. Here, you can read the text of racial restrictive covenants found in deeds of property thoughout Seattle neighborhoods, including Ballard, Capitol Hill, Greenlake, Lake City, Maple Leaf, Queen Anne, and Wedgewood.

The Project's findings on this topic lead to a change in Washington State law. An Act Relating to Discriminatory Provisions in the Governing Documents of Homeowners' Associations became Chapter 58 of the 2006 Laws of Washington. The new laws allows "homeowners' associations to remove all remnants of discrimination from their governing documents."

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