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Website of the Week for March 7, 2005

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Website of the Week Archive,

"The mission of the lawforwa website is to give the people of Washington easy access to information on the law, the courts, the government, and civic rights and responsibilities."

The lawforWA website consists of a series of links to reliable and useful information on many aspects of Washington law. Nonlawyers and students will find the site especially helpful.

The site is organized into five sections:

  1. law and government overview
  2. prevent and solve legal problems
  3. finding and working with lawyers
  4. resources for K-12 teachers
  5. resources for the media

More specific selections are found under each category. For instance, under the "prevent and solve legal problems" heading, one finds:

  • animal and pet law
  • business law
  • civil rights and liberties
  • consumer law
  • courts
  • criminal law
  • disability law
  • domestic violence
  • and other topics

Entries include the original source and the types of questions that the source answers. Among the sources are organizations such as:

  • the Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • the Federal Trade Commission
  • Findlaw
  • Nolo Press
  • the Northwest Justice Project
  • the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • the Washington Attorney General's Office
  • the Washington State Bar Association

This sources is comparable to the Law Library's guide to Sources of Free Legal Information on Washington State Law.

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