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Website of the Week for April 4, 2005

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Website of the Week Archive,

Listen to selections from recorded conversations of six Presidents, from Roosevelt to Nixon, at this interesting website.

  This site is designed as a service to the research community by making freely available all of the presidential recordings, along with relevant research materials, so that scholars, teachers, students, and the public can hear and use these remarkable tapes for themselves.
The site is hosted and maintained by the Presidential Recordings Program at the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs.

Clips currently featured on the homepage are typical of the site's offerings:

  • Actress Janet Leigh's FBI Background Check
  • JFK Orders "One of Those Blue Pills"
  • LBJ orders some custom-made pants from the Haggar clothing company, August 9, 1964
  • JFK reflects on the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem, November 4, 1963
  • Nixon on Donald Rumsfeld, March 9, 1971

The site also offers:

  • transcripts of some of the Kennedy tapes
  • virtual exhibits on civil rights, politics, the space race, and Vietnam
  • news and articles
  • research information and photos
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