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Website of the Week for Oct. 11, 2004

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Website of the Week Archive


Electronic Information System for International Law,

This website, sponsored by the American Society of International Law, is "an open database of authenticated primary and other materials across the breadth of international law." It brings together resources scattered across the web.

The site is organized into categories:

  • general international law
  • states and groups of states
  • international organizations
  • individuals and groups
  • international air, space, and water
  • international environmental law
  • international economic law
  • international human rights
  • international criminal law
  • communications and transport
  • use of force
  • international dispute resolution
  • private international law

Within each category, resources are clustered into basic sources and sub-topics.

This site is among the best starting places for international legal research on the web.

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