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Website of the Week for May 17, 2004

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism,

Founded in 1999 and located in Oklahoma City, the Institute is "dedicated to preventing terrorism or mitigating its effects." The U.S. Homeland Security Department, Office for Domestic Preparedness provides funding.

The website provides a wide range of materials and information, including an extensive library of online publications. Topics covered include:

  • agricultural terrorism
  • anthrax
  • aviation security
  • bioterrorism
  • blast mitigation
  • border security
  • chemical weapons
  • computer security
  • food safety
  • nuclear terrorism
  • Oklahoma City bombing
  • September 11
  • terrorism and drug trafficking
  • victim assistance
  • weapons of mass destruction

The site also has information for and about first responders (police, firefighters, emergency services, etc.), a calendar of counter-terrorism conferences, and a database of terrorism incidents

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