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Website of the Week for Feb. 9, 2004

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

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University of Michigan Documents Center, Elections 2004,

The 2004 Presidential election season is in full swing and the University of Michigan Documents Center has collected a very useful set of links to

  • background information on the election process
  • the candidates for President, Congress, and state positions
  • campaigns (advertising, campaign finance, candidate resources, conventions, debates, gaming, lobbying groups, media coverage, platforms, political parties, and public opinion polls)
  • policy issues (candidate/voter issue matching, abortion, affirmative action, economics, education, Election 2000, environment, gay marriage, health insurance coverage, homeland security, Iraq, jobs, and terrorism)
  • election results and voting (general election results, primaries and caucuses, the Electoral College, historical election results, and voter registration and participation)

Suggested by Peggy Jarrett

2008, M.G. Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington