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Oct. 20, 2003.

World Trade Organization, Documents Online,

More than 100,000 official documents from the WTO are available at this website.

Users may browse documents that are:

  • recently distributed
  • frequently consulted
  • relate to specific meetings
  • relate to a specific subject.

Both simple and advanced search options are provided. The advanced search feature includes a large number of characteristics, including

  • document symbol
  • document number
  • subject
  • full-text keywords
  • countries
  • organizations
  • WTO/GATT articles
  • WTO/GATT bodies
  • date restrictions

The Law Library includes many printed WTO documents as well, including

  • Annual Report, 1996-date. HF1371 .W92 at Classified Stacks
  • From GATT to the WTO: The Multilateral Trading System in the New Millennium. K4603 .F76 2000 at Classified Stacks
  • International Trade Law Reports, 1996-date. K4600.A495 I57 at Classified Stacks
  • Status of Legal Instruments, current. K4600.A35 W67 1997 at Classified Stacks
  • World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Decisions, 1996-date. K3943.A495 W67 at Classified Stacks

And the Government Publications Library at Suzzallo was a GATT/WTO depository until 2000.

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