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May 26 2003.

Supreme Court Historical Society,

Founded in 1974 by late Chief Justice Warren Burger, the Supreme Court Historical Society is "dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the Supreme Court of the United States." It conducts a public lecture series, sponsors a summer program for secondary school teachers, publishes books and a quarterly newsletter, and conducts research.

Many of the Society's publications have been digitized, including John A. Campbell's Recollections of the Evacuation of Richmond, April 2nd, 1865 (1880) and the Supreme Court Historical Society Yearbooks, 1976-82 and 1986-90.

The History section of the website includes:

  • a timeline with terms of service
  • a history of the court, organized by terms of the Chief Justices
  • a review of the facilities in which the Court has convened
  • several Court history quizzes

The Society's Learning Center provides information on integrating the Court in the classroom:

  • We the Students: Cases for and about Students
  • Women's Rights: Cases about Gender Law
  • Landmark Cases: Activities and Lesson Plans on Key Supreme Court Cases

Researching the Court identifies important print and online sources for biographies of the justices, papers, nomination hearings, tributes, court rules, judiciary reports, records and briefs, oral arguments, voting records, statistics, and building architecture and history.

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