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March 17, 2003

History News Service,

The History News Service "is an informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to improve the public's understanding of current events by setting these events in their historical contexts." Recent articles include:

  • Peter Maguire: "Following Bad Precedents for Deciding Military Justice" [Military tribunals and the war on terrorism] (3/7/03)
  • David Greenberg: "Affirming 'Under God' Ruling Is a Higher Form of Patriotism" [The words "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance] (3/6/03)
  • Joyce Appleby: "An Historic Question: Over There or Over Here?" [a fundamental issue faces the nation: whether to oversee the world or perfect democracy at home] (distributed 11/4/02)
  • Ira Chernus: "The National Insecurity State" [the Bush administration's effort to foster a permanent sense of peril to justify military expenditures] (11/1/02)

Older articles found in the archive include:

  • James M. Banner, Jr.: "How We Learned to Love the Constitution" [the elections of 1800 and 2000, and the stability of the Constitution] (distributed 2/13/01)
  • Richard D. Friedman: "Windows and the Bench: Microsoft and the Judges" [Microsoft and the current judicial attitudes toward antitrust suits] (distributed 7/8/01)
  • K.R. Constantine Gutzman: "On the Verge of War, Look Before You Leap" [the often unexpected results of the quick use of military force] (distributed 9/14/01)
  • Edward T. O'Donnell: "Another Pearl Harbor? Not by a Longshot" [inappropriate analogies between the World Trade Center/Pentagon terrorist attacks and the attack on Pearl Harbor (distributed 9/14/01)
  • Diane M.T. North: "How Does a Nation Protect Itself in Wartime?" [the Office of Homeland Security and protection of constitutional liberties] (distributed 10/4/01)
  • Daniel Szechi: "Apologizing for History" [symbolic apologies for historic wrongs] (distributed 3/18/00)
  • Stephen A. Allen: "Morality and Presidential Elections" [the place of candidates' personal morality in elections] (distributed 4/27/00
  • Norman Markowitz: "The Vice President: Heir Apparent in American Politics" [Cheney and Lieberman in context of vice presidents' traditional succession to the presidency] (distributed 8/5/00)
  • Nancy C. Unger: "Lessons for the Nader Camp: 'Fighting Bob' La Follette in 1924" [similarities between the Independent campaigns of Nader (2000) and La Follette (1924)] (distributed 8/22/00)

Recommended by Mary Whisner.

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