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April 14, 2003

American Society of International Law, Armed Force in Iraq,

International law experts analyze the legal justification for war in a series of short articles, including

  • Armed Force in Iraq
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction and International Law
  • Security Council Resolution 1441 on Iraq’s Final Opportunity to Comply with Disarmament Obligations
  • Pre-emptive Action to Forestall Terrorism
  • The Legal Background on the Use of Force to Induce Iraq to Comply with Security Council Resolutions

Also included are copies of or links to relevant documents, including

  • UN Security Council resolutions
  • Dr. Hans Blix updates on inspections
  • US war powers resolution

For sources on Islamic law, see Islamic Law Resources at the Gallagher Law Library.

Other sources of information (many with a legal focus) on the war in Iraq include:

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