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July 8, 2002

The Booklist Center,

Looking for summer reading ideas? Try The Booklist Center. It offers 253 books in 63 categories.

Many of the categories are comprised of award-winners, such as:

  • Bancroft Prize for American History and Diplomacy, 1948-2000
  • Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best First Mystery Novel, 1946-2002
  • Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, 1953-1999
  • National Book Award for Nonfiction, 1950-2001
  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1918-2002
  • Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Western Novel, 1954-2002

Others are "best of" lists compiled by experts and associations, including:

  • Down's 111 Books That Shaped Western Civilization
  • The Environmentalist's Bookshelf's Top 40 Books
  • The Great Books Foundation's Reading List
  • Bernard Schwartz's Ten Greatest Law Books (from A Book of Legal Lists)
    • The Federalist Papers (1778)
    • Kent's Commentaries on American Law (1826-30)
    • Story' Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States (1833)
    • Cooley's Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations which Rest upon the Legislative Power of the American Union (1868)
    • Langdell's Selection of Cases on the Law of Contracts (1871)
    • Holmes's The Common Law (1881)
    • Cardozo's Nature of the Judicial Process (1921)
    • Frank's Law and the Modern Mind (1930)
    • Carter's Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function (1907)
    • Posner's Economic Analysis of Law (1973)
  • Rex Stout's Ten Favorite Detective Novels
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