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July 22, 2002

How Stuff Works,

Do you want to impress your friends and family with the vast range of your knowledge and intellect? Visit How Stuff Works.

This marvelous collection of explanations approachable in several ways. First, the user can search by "supercategories," including:

  • automotive
  • body & health
  • computers
  • cool stuff
  • electronics
  • engines
  • entertainment
  • home
  • Internet
  • money
  • science & technology
  • society & culture
  • toys & games
  • transportation
  • weapons

Or, the user can check out Daily Stuff (Article of the Day, Question of the Day, Gadget of the Day, Survey of the Day, Animation of the Day); Top 40 of the Day; What's New (from the free weekly email newsletter); Top Ten Articles; and Top Ten Questions.

Here is just a random sampling of the cool content:

  • How Chocolate Works
  • How Carnivore Works (the FBI's Internet eavesdropping program)
  • How Gas Prices Work
  • How Mad Cow Disease Works
  • How Anti-Lock Brakes Work
  • How Dirty Bombs Work
  • How Facial Recognition Systems Work
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