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July 1, 2002

Internet Movie Database,

For movie fans of all ages, the Internet Movie Database is a must-see. It offers an exhaustive, searchable database of movie information. The site offers:

  • a guided tour, to familiarize new users with features and resources
  • an alphabetical index of features
  • awards and festivals
  • box office winners
  • calendars and birthdays
  • photo galleries
  • a glossary
  • groupings of films by genres (comedies, film noir, westerns, etc.)
  • recommendations (if you like Film A, you will also like Film B)
  • polls and surveys

Users may search by:

  • name
  • genre
  • keyword
  • location
  • plot
  • quote
  • soundtrack
  • tagline
  • year

For example, a search for Seattle as a location yields 178 hits, including television programs as well as big screen films. A keyword plot search for "courtroom" finds 502 TV shows and movies.

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