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Feb. 11, 2002

University of California, San Francisco Library, Legacy Tobacco Documents Library,

This digital collection of more than 20 million documents chronicles activities of the top tobacco companies dating back to the 1950s. Scientific research, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, and cigarette sales are covered. Among the most frequently requested documents are:

  • a Brown and Williamson study on Toxicological Studies of the Relationship Between Cigarette Smoke and Pulmonary Emphysema (1958)
  • an R.J. Reynolds ad collection, "Something Wonderful Happens. Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should."
  • a Tobacco Institute report on Smoking and Pregnancy (1971).

The site features additional links on:

  • the history of tobacco
  • litigation and legislation
  • tobacco use and health

The collection is searchable and links are provided to related digital collections.

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