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April 22, 2002

PBS, Battle for the Holy Land,

This website is a companion to the Frontline episode by the same name. The site features:

  • interviews
  • a timeline of events since Sept. 2000
  • commentary and background readings
  • profiles of key people and groups
  • video excerpts
  • a map and population statistics

A transcript of the program will be available soon.

A very short list of other websites on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict includes:

  • Academic Info, Arab/Israeli Conflict and the Peace Process, A guide to websites, including news sources, government agencies, universities, and other organizations.
  •, A weekly online journal that presents both Palestinian and Israeli viewpoints on the conflict and the peace process, as well as other regional issues. Includes documents such as the Mitchell Commission report, the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty of 1979, and several UN Security Council resolutions. Available by online subscription.
  • United Nations, Questions of Palestine, A website with a rich collection of historical documents and current materials. Includes an overview, a collection of UN resolutions, news reports and press releases, and related UN information sources.
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