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April 1, 2002

Council on Foreign Relations

The Council is a nonpartisan organization that is "dedicated to increasing America's understanding of the world and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy." The Council publishes books and journals, including:

  • Foreign Affairs, with a digital archive and free updates via email;
  • Correspondence: An International Review of Culture & Society, a semiannual newsletter; 
  • policy initiative reports, such as Reshaping America's Defenses: Four Alternatives and Humanitarian Intervention: Crafting a Workable Doctrine
  • policy studies on international economics, national security, peace and conflict, science and technology, and U.S. foreign policy and policy studies by geographic area;
  • independent task force reports, such as Improving the U.S. Public Diplomacy Campaign in the War Against Terrorism, State Department Reform, and Future Directions for U.S. Economic Policy Toward Japan;
  • and press release, conference reports, meeting minutes, Congressional testimony, and other news.

Many fellows and other members of the Council are available as policy experts. The Council's website provides a list of experts by topic and geographic area, with biographical information and list of the experts' publications.

Another notable sections deal with terrorism.

The Law Library subscribes to Foreign Affairs (shelved by title, Compact Shelving) and owns a number of other books produced by staff of the Council. To find these books, search Marian, the Law Library's online catalog by keywords: council on foreign relations.

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