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July 30, 2001

Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 

This online journal, published by the School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany, contains articles in four categories:

  1. review essays, which examine cultural artifacts (films, music, plays, television, newspapers, painting, architecture, computers) or academic expositions (books and articles) on the intersection of crime, criminal justice, and popular culture

  2. manuscripts of original research

  3. commentary and opinions

  4. special features, including interviews, fiction, scripts, screen plays, and animation. 

Recent issues have included works on

  • Gangsta Misogyny: A Content Analysis of the Portrayals of Violence against Women in Rap Music, 1987-1993, by Edward G. Armstrong
  • Review of Psycho Paths: Tracking the Serial Killer through Contemporary American Film and Fiction, by Karen Beckman
  • Martial Arts Films and the Action-Cop Genre: Ideology, Violence and Spectatorship, by Robert Carl Schehr

Articles are presented in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

Suggested by Mary Whisner.



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