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Feb. 12, 2001

Oklahoma Supreme Court Network,

Sooner or later, you will want to visit this website, which offers more than its name suggests. As you might expect, the site provides access to opinions from the Oklahoma Supreme Court. But would you expect the coverage to extend back to 1935? Or expect to find Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals cases back to 1919 and Court of Civil Appeals cases back to 1968.

This Oklahoma website is on the leading edge of state government websites, not only for its vast content but also for

  • the quality and speed of its search engine (which allows field searching similar to those found on LEXIS-NEXIS and Westlaw

  • the retrospective adoption of vendor- and format-neutral citation formats

  • the public domain Oklahoma Statutes citator.

Wyoming Supreme Court opinions are also available here (back to 1870), as are Indian Territory cases (1893-1907).


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