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March 27, 2000

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, the Gallagher Law Library website sports a sleek new design. The goal of the new look is to facilitate one-click access to many frequently used documents. New categories cluster items for specific types of website users, including students and attorneys and members of the public.

The left navigation bar on the old site has been replaced with a horizontal navigation bar that appears on every page.  This new border also incorporates a "Site Search" feature that allows users to locate specific information on the Gallagher Law Library site. A new bottom border includes a copyright statement, date and time the specific page was last updated, and email contacts for the website's content and technical managers. Please contact either or both of these folks to register your comments about the website's redesign.

The initial page highlights specific items and documents under each category that is represented on the top navigation border. Users can access a full description of these documents by choosing either the link in the navigation bar or the category name on the homepage.

The site still includes the same wide range of useful information relied on by web users. The collection of legal research guides continues to grow; links to primary sources of U.S. and Washington State law are checked and updated regularly. A new Frequently Asked Questions About the Gallagher Law Library addresses questions about the Library and its website.

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