Library Services for Law School Alumni

The Gallagher Law Library offers special services to University of Washington School of Law alumni. Whether you visit us in person or contact us by phone or email, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Law Books on Demand

Do you want to borrow a book from the Gallagher Law Library, but you cannot visit in person?

Gallagher delivers!

If the Gallagher Law Library owns a book, journal, reporter, or court brief that you need, contact us using the Law Books on Demand form. We will ship the book to you--for free! All you pay is the postage to return the item.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Identify the book(s) you want by searching the Law Library catalog on our website. [Contact the reference librarians for assistance.] Hundreds of thousands of books in Gallagher's collection are available.
  2. Copy and paste the title and other information about the item into the Law Books on Demand form. [You can list multiple items on the form.]
  3. Complete the form by adding your name, phone number, mailing address, and email address.
  4. Submit the form.

When we receive your request, we will verify your alumni status and retrieve the requested item(s). We will send the item(s) to you via traceable ground carrier within 2 working days after receiving your request. We will indicate when you should return the book to us (the due date).


Material located in the Classified Stacks and the Compact Stacks are eligible for delivery, including books, audio and video tapes, bound law review volumes, government publications, looseleaf services, and court briefs. Books and other material found in other Library locations (including the Reference Area, Course Reserve, and Special Collections) cannot be loaned.

Please provide your Federal Express account number if you would like expedited shipping.

The loan period is four weeks. If you need the item longer, you may extend the loan unless another user has requested the item. Please contact the Circulation Desk to request an extension: 206/543-4086.

Contact the Reference librarians (206/543-6794 or email us using the Ask Us form) for assistance with identifying material relevant to your research needs.

If you fail to return a book by the due date, you will be charged a nonrefundable $25 fee and may be liable for a $150 replacement fee. See Paying Overdue Fines & Billed Items for more information.

We will send you items under the Law Books on Demand program under the following conditions. You agree to:

  • assume responsibility for the item(s) from the time they are sent from the Gallagher Law Library until the time they are returned
  • securely package the item(s) for their return to the Library and to pay for the cost of returning the item(s)
  • assume responsibility for damaged items

See the order form for other conditions that apply.


Copy & Send

What if you need a copy of a case or article?

Gallagher delivers!

Our Copy & Send service delivers copies by mail, email, fax, or Federal Express.


Ask a Reference Librarian

Do you have a legal research question? Do you have a question about the Gallagher Law Library's services, collections, or facilities?

Gallagher delivers!

Our team of experienced reference librarians are available to answer your questions and direct you to resources you will find useful.

You may contact us by phone (206/543-6794) or email.

While we cannot conduct research for you, we can help you identify relevant materials and suggest research avenues. Please see our policies on reference and research services.


Free Law Online

Are you looking for a free website with U.S. or Washington State laws, regulations, court opinions, or legal or government information?

Gallagher delivers!

Our Free Law Online page links to scores of free government and educational websites that provide authoritative legal information. The page concentrates on Washington State and federal sources, but it also provides links to sites for other U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.


Electronic Journals

Have you ever wanted to find out whether a particular law review article was available online?

Visitors to the Gallagher Law Library may access most of the online sources that contain full-text articles, including:

  • newsletters from the Burea of National Affairs
  • law reviews and bar journals on HeinOnline, LegalTrac, and LexisNexis Academic

(Note that after you graduate, your UW NetID no longer gives you remote access to these commercial databases).

The UW Libraries provides an E-Journals list that is helpful for locating online copies of articles from dozens of other disciplines. Note that you must be on campus to access these sources, except where a source is freely available on the Internet.


Legal Research Guides

What if you need help with a Washington legislative history question? Where can you turn if you have a copyright research question? You know that you can call or email the reference librarians, but it is midnight and the Reference Office is closed.

Gallagher delivers!

Our librarians have written more than 175 guides on a wide range of subjects. Browse the complete list by subject and keywork. Many of the guides identify key print and online resources, including books, looseleaf services, law reviews, Lexis and Westlaw databases, other commercial online services, and free websites.


Online Citators

Shepard's on LexisNexis Academic KeyCite from Westlaw

Visitors to the Law Library have access to many electronic databases and services, including. KeyCite and Shepard's. These online citators are available on the three PCs adjacent to the Reference Office on floor L1.

Both services are useful for determining whether a case is still good law and identifying later cases, law review articles, and other sources that cite to a particular case. You can limit or restrict the citation results in a number of ways. For more information, see the Gallagher guide on Online Citators.

The Library's subscription to KeyCite does not include access to the documents appearing in the citations lists. That is, the Library does not have a public Westlaw subscription.

On the other hand, Shepard's is part of the LexisNexis Academic subscription. From a Shepard's citation list, a researcher can click on citing references to see the full text of the cases, articles, and many other sources.

Contract terms prevent us from generating and emailing citation results.


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