UW Restricted

The Gallagher Law Library and the University of Washington Libraries subscribe to many commercial databases and indexes. Access to most of these databases is restricted to:
  • students who are enrolled in University of Washington degree programs and extension classes
  • faculty and staff of the University of Washington
  • researchers who are visiting one of the University of Washington Libraries, including the Gallagher Law Library.

Throughout this website, links to or descriptions of such databases are marked UW Restricted.

University of Washington faculty, students, and staff who want access to these databases from home and through computers not connected to the University of Washington should consult UW Libraries, Connect to UW-Restricted Resources from Off-Campus.

In addition, the Gallagher Law Library provides UW Law School faculty, students, and staff with IDs and passwords for using commercial legal databases like LexisNexis and Westlaw. These databases are not available to other UW faculty, students, and staff. However, the UW Libraries provides access to a version of LexisNexis called LexisNexis Academic, through the UW Libraries Research Databases page. For information on eligibility to use LexisNexis and Westlaw, see CALR Access by UW Law Students, Faculty, Staff, and Librarians.

To inquire about your access to the databases described throughout this website, contact the librarians at your school, agency, business, or organization. Or contact your local public library or county law library. A list of county law libraries is available at Law Libraries in Washington State and the U.S.