Uniform Commercial Code Research: Cases & Code

Updated April 8, 2011.
Prepared by Cheryl Nyberg; updated by Tania Schriwer, Law Librarianship Intern (2009).

This research guide provides information on key sources relating to the UCC and specifically relating to Article 2, Sales.

Note that new Articles 2 and 2A (2003) have not yet been adopted or enacted by any state. For updated information, see the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws website.





  • UCC-CS: Also contains other UCC cases from West's National Reporter System
  • UCC-CS+: Also contains opinions from state attorneys general, comptrollers, and county counsel and the U.S. Board of Contract Appeals, Comptroller General, Department of Agriculture, and the Federal Trade Commission


Two specialized reporters contain cases and digests arranged by UCC sections. Both sets are located in the Reference Area. Due to budget cuts, both sets were cancelled in 2009.

Uniform Commercial Code Case Digest. 50 vols. Cancelled June 2009. KF880.3.P5
Arranged by UCC section number. Summarizes cases reprinted in the following title.

Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service. 1st series, 42 vols.; 2d series, 67 vols. Cancelled April 2009.
KF885 U54; LexisNexis: UCC;UCCRS & Westlaw: UCCRS-PRO



ucc code


Uniform Laws Annotated, vols. 1-3B. KF879.A45U5 at Reference Area & Westlaw: ULA
Volumes 1-3B contain the UCC. This set is an annotated code similar to the USCA or USCS, with the code itself, official comments, case notes, citations to law review articles, forms etc.


LexisNexis: UCC;UCC

Westlaw: UCC-TEXT

Free from Cornell Legal Institute. Also links to corresponding state statutes.


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