• Japanese Titles in Characters (Kanji)
    (For the first time, in the 2000 edition all references to the Japanese titles of laws (with the exception of the romanized title index entries) are in Japanese Kanji. )
  • Year Published And Latest Amendment Date Included in Each Entry
    (Each entry in the index includes the year the translation was published in EHS, and the latest Amendment date included in the translation, allowing users to gage the currency of available EHS translations at a glance.)_
  • Series Designation
    (Each entry includes the series designation numbering used on each EHS Law Bulletin Series pamphlet, improving access to laws in the set.)
  • Includes the Latest Laws and Amendments
    (This edition indexes new laws and most recent amendments to all laws included in EHS through September 2000. )
  • More Information Included in Each Index Entry For Easy Reference:
    • English Title
    • Japanese Title
    • Law type, number, and date
    • EHS volume and part number
    • EHS series designation numbering
      (For example, both parts of the Civil Code are located in the EHS pamphlet labeled " Nos. 2100-2101, FA-FAA." This designation is included in each Index entry.)
    • EHS Translation ID number and letter
      (Each law in the EHS set has a unique number and letter. This number locates the translations in the set. For example, the Products Liability Law of 1996 is EHS translation number 2199 IP, located in Volume 2, Part 2. All this information is at your fingertips in the Japanese Laws in English index.)
    • Year Published
    • Date of Latest Amendment
  • AND You Can Still Search For Laws In Four Ways
    The most useful feature of the original index is maintained.
    Search for laws by:
    • English Title
    • Japanese Title Romanized (alphabetical order)
    • Enactment Date
      (Search for laws by enactment date and law number, the way the laws are usually cited.)
    • Subject
      (The Subject list has been revised and improved.)