Law Library News Archive

The Law Library News column appeared in The Crier, the weekly newspaper of the University of Washington School of Law. The column features news on Law Library policies, legal research tips, events, trivia contests & other items written by the Gallagher Law Library staff. See also the separate Book of the Week archive.

In October 2008, the Law Library News morphed into Gallagher Blogs. Excerpts and selected content from the blog will be highlighted in the Law Library News column of the Crier.

This archive contains Law Library News columns from January 1999 forward. Please note links to some websites mentioned in these columns may no longer be active.

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2008 Issues of the Law Library News

Oct. 20 Introducing the Gallagher Law Library Blog  |  Gallagher Blogs About  . . .   |  What About the Law Library News in the Crier?
Oct. 13 How to Find the Three Bears' Books
Oct. 6 The Story of Goldilaw & the Three Bears
Sept. 29 Constitution Day & The September Project  |  National Campus Safety Awareness Month  |  LexisNexis & Westlaw Information
Sept. 22 Welcome  |  Hours  |  Seating  |  Computers  |  Databases  |  Books  |  Food & Drink  |  Help  |  People
June 2 Try Something New: Search 360 | Good Bye & Good Luck
May 26 Free Alternatives for Your Summer Research (Casemaker & Loislaw)  |  Website of the Week: Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College
May 19 Memorial Day Hours  |  Careers in International Law  |  Website of the Week: International Organization for Migration
May 12 Talk Back to the Bluebook Editors  |  Book of the Week: From Law School to Law Practice: The New Associate's Guide  |  Westlaw Summer Access  |  Website of the Week: Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913
May 5 Book of the Week: Licensing Intellectual Property | Website of the Week: Justice Talking | Bridge the Gap
April 28 Bluebook Citations for Nonlaw Journal Articles  |  Check Out Journals from UW Libraries Through Summit  |  Summer Access to LexisNexis
April 21 National Library Week Cartoons  |  History of Moot Court  |  Bridge the Gap  |  Website of the Week: Regulatory Resource Center
April 14 Book of the Week: Trial Stories | Legal Research Handouts Now Outside the LRTC | State & International Law Digests on the Internet | Website of the Week: The Public Library of Law
April 7 Two Librarians Walk into a Bar [TGIT & National Library Week]  | 9th Circuit Panel Visits Gates Hall  |  Website of the Week: JD Supra, part 2
March 31 Free UN Treaty Collection Database  |  Cost-Effective Searching on LexisNexis  |  Website of the Week: JD Supra
March 3 New Washington Practice Volume: Motions in Limine  |  Website of the Week: Zimmerman's Research Guide  |  West's Washington Law Finder
Feb. 25 The New Online Bluebook | Government Secrecy Program | Website of the Week: National Conference of State Legislatures
Feb. 18 I See London, I See France (CIA World Factbook) | Website of the Week: European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters
Feb. 11 Public Service Careers  |  Presidents' Day Hours  |  Presidents' Day Precedents
Feb. 4 New Westlaw Printer in L2 Copy Alcove | Website of the Week: Religion and Law International Documents Database
Jan. 28

Bloggety, Bloggety, Blog  |  The Regulation of Chocolate  |  Website of the Week: The Empirical Legal Studies Bibliography

Jan. 21 Subprime Lending Legal Research Guide  |  Color My (Research) World: Beige  |  Locating Lawyers Using Directories  |  Website of the Week: Legal Technology Resource Center
Jan. 14 Using LexisNexis with Firefox or Safari  |  Cool Databases That You've Never Used (RIA Checkpoint and Securities Mosaic)  |  Website of the Week: U.S. Electoral College
Jan. 7 Looking Back ... Looking Ahead | Website of the Week: GlobaLex

2007 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 10 ABA Journal Picks Top 100 Lawyer Blawgs | Interim Hours | Last-Minute Gift Ideas
Dec. 3 Same-Day Release of US Supreme Court Oral Arguments  |  Scoop Jackson Digital Collections  |  The Public Return  |  New Gov't Report: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the US
Nov. 26 Law School Exams | Interim Hours | Searching the Web on Westlaw | New Government Reports
Nov. 19 Library Hours for Thanksgiving | Bluebook 101 | Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure | New Corporations Guide | Updated Library Maps
Nov. 12 Annual Review Issues | Human Rights Search Engine | New Research Guide on the Nuremberg Trials | New Government Reports
Nov. 5 Building a Better Legal Profession  |  Finding Missing Webpages  |  Gallagher Guides: More Than Just Legal Research
Oct. 29 CaseMap from LexisNexis  |  Educational Use of LexisNexis & Westlaw  |  The Law of Halloween
Oct. 22 Inside the Legal System - A Blawg | It's Greek to Me! (online Foreign Law Guide) | It's a Small World, After All (foreign legal research guides | Recent Statistical Reports
Oct. 15 Goodbye ALR; Hello Case in Brief (LexisNexis) | Reserved for You (Course and E-Reserve)
Oct. 8 Back Up or Break Down: You Decide | The Ball's in Their (Supreme) Court | Campus Security Alerts | On a Lighter Note
Oct. 1 Changes . . . In the Reference Area  |  In the Reference Office  |  In the Study Area on L1  |  In the Copy Alcoves  |  Important Things Remain the Same
Sept. 24 Arrive Early; Stay Late (hours)  |  Exclusive Jurisdiction (seating for UW Law students)  |  Caffeine & Carbohydrates (food & drink)  |  Security Inside & Out  |  Databases by the Dozens  |  Asked & Answered  |  It Takes a Village (library staff)
May 21 Last Library Lifesavers Session | Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw | Library Services During the Summer
May 14 Library Lifesavers: Casemaker & Loislaw | Fight Gaposis! | Services for Soon-to-be-Alumni | Two Catalogs Diverged in a Web
May 7 EJournal Enhancements | Summer Associate Central | Library Lifesavers (WA legislative history & citing Congressional documents) | Study Up on Interview Skills
April 30 Upgraded Computers in the Law Student Lounge | Library Lifesavers (regulations and everything you always wanted to know about legal research) | Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw | Stay Up-to-Date with Congressional Action Using OpenCongress
April 23 Save the Date for Bridge the Gap | Library Lifesavers (LexisNexis cite checking tools & what you don't know about the Washington Courts) | The Sweatt v. Painter Archive | Book of the Week: The Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law

April 16

Library Lifesavers (Environmental Law Resources & Freedom of Information Act Materials) | Color My (Research) World: Yellow | The Silly Side of Law
April 9 Library Lifesavers Present Death, Taxes & Prizes | Where Do My Tax Dollars Go? | Book of the Week: The State of Play: Law, Games, and Virtual Worlds
April 2 Law Student Lounge (Temporary) Closure | Library Lifesavers | Laptop Stollen | Trials in the U.S. Supreme Court | Book of the Week: Law as a Means to an End
March 26 Entrance Exam | It's Time to Back Up Your Files | Book of the Week: Culture to Culture: A Guide to U.S. Legal Writing
March 5 Trial by Jury, a Comic Opera | Come Savor the Flavor of the Last Lifesaver | Book of the Week: Price on Contemporary Estate Planning | Space: The Final Frontier
Feb 26 Library Lifesavers | Debunking Sites on the Internet | New Research Guide: U.S. Admiralty and Maritime Law | Book of the Week: Sexual Orientation and the Law
Feb. 19 Library Lifesavers  |  Staying Connected While Traveling  |  Citing Wikipedia? Just Say No  |  Book of the Week: Intellectual Property, Software, and Information Licensing
Feb. 12 Library Lifesavers | Bluebook 101 | Book of the Week: Adoption Law: Theory, Policy, and Practice | Supreme Court Box Scores
Feb. 5 Westlaw Training for 1Ls  |  PBS Series on the Supreme Court  |  Library Lifesavers  |  Color My (Research) World: Blue Part Two
Jan. 29 Library Lifesavers | Legal Research: The Movie | Book of the Week: Washington Elements of an Action | Beyond the Summit
Jan. 22 Library Lifesavers (schedule for Winter Quarter) | Book of the Week: The Canon of American Legal Thought | LexisNexis & Westlaw Training for 1Ls | Website of the Week:
Jan. 15 Early Admission | Library Lifesavers | New Library Exhibits | Color My (Research) World: Blue
Jan. 8 Easy Access to Electronic Journals | Thomas Tests Trendy Tricks | Library Lifesavers
Jan. 1 Welcome Back | Seeking New Flavor Ideas for Library Lifesavers | Color My (Research) World

2006 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 11 Interim Library Hours  |  More on Preparing for Exams  |  Seeking New Flavor Ideas for Library Lifesavers  |  Undergrads on L1
Dec. 4 Library Lifesavers on Word Outlines and Fun Searching on the Internet  |  Best Way to Prepare for Exams (according to Kartoo)  |  Book of the Week: A Collection of In Chambers Opinions by the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States
Nov. 27 Library Lifesavers | Staples . . . Yeah, We Got That | UW Law Exams | Exam Time Specials | How Do You Spell Relief?
Nov. 20 Note to Early Birds  |  Library Hours During Holidays  |  Library Lifesavers  |  Under New Management  |  The Law of Turkey Stuffing
Nov. 13 Library Lifesavers  |  CALI Exercises for 1L, 2L & 3L Courses  |  Book of the Week: Student Lawyer
Nov. 6 Library Lifesavers | CFR on Hein Online | The Truth about the Billable Hour | Take Break from Studying with Some "Good Reads"
Oct. 30 New Display: Sandra Day O'Connor | Library Lifesavers | LexisNexis Training for 1Ls | Book of the Week: Environmental Law in Indian Country
Oct. 23 Library Lifesavers | Westlaw Certification Classes | Legal Writing Guides
Oct. 16 Register Your Passwords |  LexisNexis Training for 1Ls  |  Lost & Found  |  Laptop Ergonomics Tip  |  Library Lifesaver  |  Book of the Week: Washington Community Property Deskbook
Oct. 9 Library Lifesaver | Past Exams | Course Evaluations | Casebooks & Study Aids | Law Cartoons
Oct. 2 Library Lifesavers  |  Register LexisNexis & Westlaw  |  Free UW Parking  |  Book of the Week: The Law of Electronic Commerce, 4th ed.
Sept. 25 Library 101  |  Library Lifesavers  |  The Daily
May 29 Bridge the Legal Research Gap at UW  |  Lost & Found  |  Blogs, Blogs Everywhere . . . But How Do I Find One on Point?
May 22 Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw  |  Study & Exam Period  |  Book Locators  |  Building a Personal Legal "Know How" File  |  Book of the Week: Lowering the Bar: Lawyer Jokes & Legal Culture
May 15 Summer Access to Online Legal Research Systems  |  Summer Access to Reference Assistance  |  Public Computer Terminals  |   Book of the Week: Legal Ethics Stories
May 8 Borrowing Through AccessLaw  |  Law Jobs in Asia  |  Court Records
May 1 Casemaker & Loislaw Session  |  11th Annual Bridge the Legal Research Gap  |  Trial Ad Blog  |  Book of the Week: On American Soil
April 24 Citing Unpublished Opinions  |  Casemaker & Loislaw Session  |  AccessLaw Improvement Coming Soon  |  Book of the Week: Cohen's Hanbook of Federal Indian Law
April 17 Public Computer Terminals  |  National Library Week Winners  |  Trivial Contest Results  |  Book of the Week: Real Estate: Property Law & Transactions
April 10 Off-Campus Access  |  Interdisciplinary Databases  |  Lost & Found  |  Books of the Week: Washington Estate Planning Deskbook & Washington Probate Deskbook
April 3 National Library Week  |  Trivia Contest Deadline Is Friday  |  Tax Returns  |  Book of the Week: Many Unhappy Returns
March 27 LexisNexis Printer in the Library  |  Trivia Contest Deadline Extended  |  New Display: Bricks & Bytes  |  Book of the Week: Washington Appellate Practice Deskbook, 3d ed.
March 6 Library Code of Conduct  |  Secure Your Belongings  |  The Docket on TVW  |  Book of the Week: Protocol: The Complete Hanbook of Diplomatic, Official & Social Usage) & Trivia Contest
Feb. 27 New Display -- Nuremburg Tribunal  |  Free Movie Rentals  |  Book of the Week: Rights & Liberties in the Biotech Age: Why We Need a Genetic Bill of Rights
Feb. 13 Casemaker Is Here!  |  Book of the Week: Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual
Feb. 6 Drinks in the LRTC  |  Circulation Notice  |  Book of the Week: Student Lawyer
Jan. 30 Presidential Signing Statements  |  New Display: Washington Supreme Court
Jan. 23 Printing from a Laptop |  THOMAS Has a New Look  |  This Could Happen to You
Jan. 16 New Displays  |  The Bluebook & the Washington Style Sheet  |  Book of the Week: Essential Lawyering Skills
Jan. 9 Three C's for Internet Research  |  Book of the Week: Long Goodbye
Jan. 3 Email Reference Service  |  Mylawlibrary: Manage Library Account  |  The Yale Law Journal Pocket Part

2005 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 5 Library Hours & Services During Exam Period | Book of the Week: The New Lawyer's Wit and Wisdom
Nov. 28 All About the U.S. Supreme Court  |  Book of the Week: The Supreme Court of the United States: Hearings & Reports on Successful & Unsuccessful Nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the Senate Judiciary Committee, 1916-1994
Nov. 21 Past Exams  |  What Do You Want to Know?  |  Book of the Week Washington Legal Research
Nov. 14 New Westlaw Database: 50-State Surveys  |  SUMMIT: Visiting Patron & Pick Up Anywhere
Nov. 7 Legal Scholarship Workshop  |  Cool General Reference Tools  |  LexisNexis & Westlaw Printers
Oct. 31 Looking for Journals?  |  LegalTrac Gets Relevant
Oct. 24 Printing in the Library  |  Remote Access to the Library's Online Resources  |  Google Scholar
Oct. 17 Trial Ad Blog  |  Looking for a Book?  |  Study Aids for Law Students
Oct. 10 Reference Office  |  Research Guides  |  Group Study Rooms  |  Night Ride Shuttle Service
Oct. 3 Course Reserves  |  LexisNexis & Westlaw Registration  |  Laptop Cables  |  Library Displays
Sept. 26 Welcome  |  Library Hours  |  Food & Drink  |  Recycling  |  LexisNexis & Westlaw
May 31 Library Hours During Exam Period  |  Need a Break from Studying?  |  Bridge the Legal Research Gap--Reminder  |  Abortion Case in the U.S. Supreme Court
May 23 Lost & Found  |  New Library Display--"Ask Us"  |  Summer Job Tips, Part 3: E-mail
May 16 Early Exams During May 19-21  |  Summer Use of LexisNexis & Westlaw  |  Tenth Annual Bridge the Gap Program  |  Summer Job Tips, Part 2: Etiquette
May 9 Summer Job Tips, Part 1  |  New Library Displays  |  How Can Something So Wrong Feel So Right? Reading Ethics Opinions for Fun
May 2 Access to Japan's National Diet Library Materials  |  Animal Law Research Sources  |  Trial Ad Blog
April 25 Some (Unsolicited) Advice about the Bar Exam  |  National Library Week Winners
April 18 The USA PATRIOT Act & Libraries  |  Library Lingo 101
April 11 National Library Week Is Here!  |  A Day in the Life of the Law Library  |  Book of the Week: Craig Allen's Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road
April 4 National Library Week Is Coming  |  Income Tax Day  |  Looking for Court Briefs
March 28 Welcome Back  |  Get More from Google No. 2: Cache & Carry  |  Book of the Week: Specialized Legal Research
March 7 Exam Period Specials  |  LexisNexis Tips Worth Remembering  |  Library Lookup Bookmarklet
Feb. 28 Importance of a Solid Foundation: Real World Application of Basic Legal Skills | Faster Access to Library Resources | Crime-Busting Librarians | Valentine's Day Trivia Contest Winners
Feb. 21 Westlaw Tips Worth Remembering  |  Book of the Week & Trivia: America's Lawyer-Presidents
Feb. 14 Valentine's Day  |  Books of the Week  |  Trivia Contest
Feb. 7 Pursuing Presidential Directives  |  Lost Something?  |  Online Research Spotlight: Search Systems Free Public Records Directory
Jan. 31 Judge William L. Dwyer: Distinguished Alumnus  |  Copy Center--New Hours  |  Do You Know about JURIST?  |  Book of the Week: Winning Every Time
Jan. 24 Indian Law  |  Book of the Week: A Judgment for Solomon: The d'Hauteville Case & Legal Experience in Antebellum America
Jan. 17 Martin Luther King, Jr., Day  |  Remote Access to Library's Online Resources  |  Law School Survey of Student Engagement  |  Book of the Week: Law School: Legal Education in America from the 1850s to the 1980s & Legal Education & the Reproduction of Hierarchy: A Polemic Against the System
Jan. 10 SmartCILP: Email Alert for New Law Review Articles  |  Library Records Are Confidential  |  Book of the Week: The Law School Trip
Jan. 3 Welcome Back  |  New Copy Center Hours  |  Recycling Is Divine

2004 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 6 Preparing for Exams  |  Where'd It Go? It Was on the Web Last Time I Looked  |  Same-Sex Marriage  |  Book of the Week: Would You Convict? Seventeen Cases That Challenged the Law
Nov. 29 Get More from Google  |  Advice for the Lawlorn  |  Book of the Week: Garner's Modern American Usage
Nov. 22 Introducing Clusty, A New Web Search Tool  |  Books, Books, Books of the Week: Most-Cited Books
Nov. 15 Videos  |  Videos--Fun Ones  |  Book of the Week: The United States Government Manual
Nov. 8 Legal Journalism  |  Book of the Week: A Time for Every Purpose: Law & the Balance of Life
Nov. 1 What to Write & How to Cite It  |  Lawyering in Poulsbo  |  Book of the Week: L. Rev.: The Law Review Experience in American Legal Education. A Personal Memoir
Oct. 25 Copy Card Convenience  |  LexisNexis & Westlaw Printers  |  Book of the Week: How to Start & Build a Law Practice
Oct. 18 Website of the Week  |  Book of the Week: The Washington State Constitution: A Reference Guide  |  Newspapers
Oct. 11 Hot Docs: New & Noteworthy Government Documents  |  Library Hours  |  Book of the Week: Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters
Oct. 4 LexisNexis, Westlaw, & Service Pack 2 | mylawlibrary | Books of the Week: Objection Overruled: Overcoming Obstacles in the Lawyer Job Search & Ask the Career Counselors: Answers for Lawyers on Their Lives & Life�s Work
Sept. 27 Welcome | Book of the Week: Black's Law Dictionary, 8th ed. | Profiles of Local Lawyers
May 31 Exam & Interim Library Hours | Summer Dreamin' in Far Away Libraries | Bridge the Legal Research Gap! | "Brick Wall" Legal Research Solutions
May 24 Bridge the Legal Research Gap! | Reminder | 1Ls & 2Ls | Full Access to Westlaw & LexisNexis | Lost & Found
May 17 Automated Cite Checking | Costs for Online Research | True or False | OSHA is a Small Town in Wisconsin | Ninth Annual Bridge-the-Legal-Research-Gap Program
May 10 Calling Perry Mason! Or | What do They Really Say in Court? | Attention 3Ls | Access to Westlaw for Bar Preparation | Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw
May 03 Joan M. Fitzpatrick | A Tribute to Her Life & Work | The Harry A. Blackmun Papers | We Have Winner$
Apr. 26 A Goldmine of Statutory Legal History | Another Unqualified Success | National Library Week 2004
Apr. 19 "Who are You Who-Who, Who-Who? | Fuzzy Kitten Key Chains . . . & More! | National Library Week 2004 Update
Apr. 12 Spies Like Us | Calendar of Upcoming National Library Week 2004 Events
Apr. 5 RedLightGreen | A "Corpus Delectable of Legal Materials" | National Library Week April 19 - 23 On the Horizon | Trivia Contest Photo Finish
Mar. 29 Welcome Back | SmartCILP | Keeping Up With the Literature | A Bit of Federal Register Trivia
Mar. 8 Exam Period Library Access | U.S. Government Publications | Smiles All Around the Place
Mar. 1 Judge Walter B. Beals, Class of 1901 | Point of Information | The Doctors' Trial
Feb. 23 Comings & Goings in the Library | Interested in Tax? | The Law Review Two-Step
Feb. 16 Digging Deeper | Changes in Westlaw
Feb. 9 Plain & Simple | Alumni Trivia Answers
Feb. 2 Class Photo Display | Famous Alumni Trivia | & Nicely Done!
Jan. 26 Laying a Foundation | Evidentiary Trivia
Jan. 19 Comparative Law | Lexis vs. Westlaw
Jan. 12 Martin Luther King Jr., Day | Book of the Week: What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said
Jan. 5 Welcome Back!

2003 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 8 Brushing Up For Exams | & Speaking of Exams . . . | Seattle Human Rights Day Celebration | Reminder | Lost & Found | Merry Christmas in Legal Terms
Dec. 1 Reminder | Interim Library Hours | Alternative Study Locations | Book of the Week: Be Careful Who You SLAPP
Nov. 24 Finding Your Way From A to Z | The Exam Season Cometh | Thanksgiving Library Hours
Nov. 17 A Letter to UW Law Students from Associate Dean Hazelton | Sticky Wickets, Questionable Practices, & Other Conundrums of Legal Ethics
Nov. 10 Email Reference | Summit Exp&s Your Information Universe | Trick or Treat Contest Answers
Nov. 3 Lost & Found Quiz | St& Up & Be Counted | Art Walk Honors
Oct. 27 The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Book | Books of the Week: The Deluxe Transitive Vampire | The Ultimate H&book of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager & the Doomed | Gallagher Art Walk Continues | Trick or Treat!
Oct. 20 Law Librarianship at the UW | Native American Art | Art Walk Contest
Oct. 13 Circulation Reminders | Book of the Week: Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation | Answers
Oct. 6 Restrictions on Using Westlaw & LexisNexis | First Monday in October | Query
Sept. 29 Welcome | Hours | Tours | Website | Closing Thoughts
May 26 Future Interests | Bridge the Legal Research Gap, Final Notice---Lost & Found, Goodbye to Condon Hall | Online Redux | Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw | Books of the Week | Finding Balance | Closing Thoughts | On Finding Unity in an Infinite Perspective
May 19 Future Interests | Have You Heard?, Second Alert---Lost & Found, Bridge the Gap | Full Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw During the Summer | Book of the Week: A Murder in Virginia | Trivialities | Library Workers, Questions, & Answers | Closing Thoughts | On the Search for Knowledge
May 12 Future Interests | Reminder, Summer Access to Online Services, 8th Annual Bridge the Gap Program | Legal Quotations | The Hunt for a Great Burger . . . | Trivialities | Speaking of Quotations, Questions, & Answers | Closing Thoughts | On Quotations
May 5 Future Interests | Update on the Big Move | Orbis + Cascade = Orbis-Cascade Alliance ORCA | Book of the Week | Gates Argues for Estate Tax | Trivialities | Leaving the Bench | Closing Thoughts | On Barking Up the Wrong Tree
April 28 Future Interests | First Alert---Lost & Found, Orca is Coming! | Ode to the Law & to Lawyers | Trivialities | Lyrics of the Law | Closing Thoughts | On Poetry
April 21 Future Interests | National Law Day, Moving Day, & Do Yourself a Favor Day | Book of the Week: Tax Stories: An In-Depth Look at Ten Leading Federal Income Tax Cases | Afterthoughts | National Library Week | Trivialities | Fake Cases . . . What Next? | Closing Thoughts | On Libraries
April 14 Future Interests | Movers & Shakers | Bibliographic Note - Book of the Week: Hereof, Thereof, & Everywhereof: A Contrarian Guide to Legal Drafting | Trivialities | Sleepless in Seattle? | Closing Thoughts | On Books
April 7 Future Interests | National Library Week | Bibliographic Notes | Animal Resources | Trivialities | Celebrating Libraries | Closing Thoughts | On Libraries
March 31 Welcome Back!, Planning Ahead, Bibliographic Note | New Legal Research Guides, Comings & Goings | Sarah Hollingsworth, Trivialities | April Fools, Closing Thoughts | On Relevance
March 10 N.B. | i.e., e.g., cf., & ibid. | The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis & Interpretation
March 3 Books of the Week: The Tilted Playing Field | Is Criminal Justice Unfair?, Lawyers Crossing Lines | Nine Stories of Greed, Disloyalty, & Betrayal of Trust | Animal Law
Feb.24 What Are the Odds? | Where is Qatar? Websites With Country Information
Feb.17 Causes of Action | Google Anyone? | Lawyer Humor on the Web
Feb. 10 Book of the Week: A Problem From Hell: America & the Age of Genocide | Planning for a Career in Law
Feb.3 Litigation Latin | Japanese Databases Available at UW
Jan. 27 Law & Economics | SmartCILP | E-mail Alert for New Law Review Articles | Taking Care of Library Resources
Jan. 20 What is a Law Blog? | Federal Appendix
Jan. 13 Complete Washington Law Review Now Online | Your Contact Information | Arts at the UW
Jan. 6 Marian Bookmarklet | Course Reserve | U.S. Supreme Court Christmas Cases

2002 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 9 Good Library Karma | Library Hours in December | Book of the Week: Tempered Zeal | SEC Releases Rules of Conduct for Lawyers
Dec.2 Book of the Week: The Free Women of Petersburg | Books to Read for Fun or Give as Gifts | Taking Exams in the Library
Nov. 25 Human Rights Report | What's in the Basement? | Unpublished Opinions
Nov. 18 Thanksgiving Library Hours | Preparing for Law School Exams | Book of the Week: The International Lawyer's Deskbook
Nov. 11 LexisNexis Contest Banner | Book of the Week: The Law of Torts | Reflections on Washington Reports
Nov. 4 Library Open on Veterans' Day | Current Washington Legal News | Online Scams | WSBA's Humor Page
Oct. 28 What Do the Federal Register & the Harvard Law Review Have in Common? | Entering Condon Hall Afterhours | Who Are You Going to Vote for? | Daylight Savings Time
Oct. 21 Lost Anything in Condon Hall? | Book of the Week: The Fragile Middle Class | Noah Webster's 244th Birthday | Study Aids for Class
Oct. 14 Figuring Out Legal Terms | Announcing a New Japanese Legal Resource | Law Librarianship at the UW
Oct. 7 Restrictions on Using Westlaw & LexisNexis | U.S. Supreme Court Begins New Term
Sept. 30 Welcome | 12 Things You Need to Know about the Law Library | Library Display
May 27 PDA Tips for Law Students & Lawyers | Summer Use of LexisNexis & Westlaw | Bridge the Legal Research Gap! | Memoirs of a Supreme Court Spouse
May 20 New Books | Bridge the Legal Research Gap Reminder | Use Loislaw This Summer in Your Job! | Washington Practice
May 13 7th Annual Bridge the Gap Program | Summer Use of LexisNexis & Westlaw | Finding Law Review or Legal Research Paper Topics
May 6 Trivia Contest Answers:  Name That (Constitutional) Clause | A Theory of Plate Mnemonics
April 29 National Library Week Follow-Up | Puzzle People | Trivia Contest: Name That (Constitutional) Clause | Professional Dilemmas in Law Practice
April 22 Lists of Good Law-Related Books | April is National Poetry Month
April 15 National Library Week Events | NEED That Case? | Law Day -- May 1, 2002
April 8 National Library Week, April 15-19 | WA Cases Online - Free! | Take Your Kids to Work
April 1 Library Materials on the Move | Take Your Kids to Work! | Earthquake Damage at the Law Library
March 11 Extended Library Hours During Exams | Lost & Found | Where is CD Law? | Finding the History of Women Lawyers in America
March 4 Book of the Week: Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook, 3d | National Center for State Courts
Feb. 25 Books for African American History Month | Citation Blues | Public Interest Awareness Month
Feb. 18 Book of the Week: Law in America | Online Index to Early Legal Periodical Literature | New Index to Washington Practice | Presidents' Celebration - Which One?
Feb. 11 African American History Month | What Are Restatements?
Feb. 4 Law Book's for Valentine's Day | Understanding the U.S. Supreme Court Justices
Jan. 28 Library Shifting Project | In-the-Trenches Guide to Legal Abbreviations
Jan. 21 What Stuff Can You Find on Reserve? | Book of the Week: The Politics of Law | Washington Legislature in Session
Jan. 14 Martin Luther King Jr. Day | January 21, 2002 | Books of the Week
Jan. 7 Email Reference Just for You | What's on the Gallagher Law Library Website? | Book of the Week: Looking at Law School


2001 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 10 Library Interim Hours | New Book Display | Rare Book Display | Mind-Stretcher | Human Rights Day Celebration - December 10
Dec. 3 Cool New Resource: Hein Online | Where Can You Study? | Taking Exams in the Library
Nov.26 Extended Law Library Hours During Exams | Lost & Found | Access Services at the Law Library | Book of the Week: Conduct Unbecoming: Gays & Lesbians in the U.S. Military
Nov. 19 Thanksgiving Holiday Library Hours | Preparing for Law School Exams | Seattle's Sesquicentennial Celebration
Nov. 12 Books of the Week: Scholarly Writing for Law Students | The Constitution of America: An Analysis & Interpretation | Goddess of Justice
Nov. 5 Library Open on Veterans Day | Law Review Symposia | Trivia Contest | Faculty Books & Videos
Oct. 29 2001 Voter Information on the Web | Printing to the LexisNexis & Westlaw Printers | Visit the Library on Veterans Day
Oct. 22 "Good Reads" in the Law Library? | Printing & Copying in the Law Library
Oct. 15 Study Aids for Law Students | Connecting to Online Library Services
Oct. 8 Email Reference | Using LexisNexis & Westlaw | U.S. Supreme Court Begins New Term
Oct. 1 Welcome | Library Hours | Do You Need Help? The Library Has All the Answers!
May 21 Summer Reading Recommendations | Legal Research Guides on the Web
May 14 Summer Access to Westlaw & LEXIS-NEXIS | Book of the Week: A History of American Law | USCCAN & Summer Jobs
May 7 Legal Research Refresher | National Reporter Blue Books & Parallel Citations | Book of the Week: The Gregg Reference Manual | The Berring Beat
April 30 Yamashita Display | Law Week | Celebrate Your Freedom April 30-May 4, 2001 | Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw | Dueling Federal Websites: All Are for Work, One Is for Fun
April 23 Who Knew? | Resources for Starting a Solo Practice or Locating Alternative Careers
April 16 Final Exams & Test-Taking Strategies on the Web | Courthouse Stories
April 9 Online Help | Changes in Martindale-Hubbell Access | Book of the Week: To Steal a Book Is an Elegant Offense
April 2 Free Giveaways During National Library Week  |  Upcoming Bar Exam  |  Feeding Time at the Fed  |  Take Your Kids to Work Day
March 26 Feeding Time at the Fed | Need a Good Laugh? | Printing to LEXIS & Westlaw Printers | Take Your Kids to Work
March 5 Publication Display | Book of the Week: The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations | What's in a Title? | Extended Library Hours
Feb. 26 Lost & Found | Extended Library Hours | Germain's Transnational Law Research
Feb. 21 Book of the Week: The Living Together Kit | Uncle John & the Federal Cases
Feb. 19 Book of the Week: Simple Justice | Lost Your Coat? | How Complete & Current Is Thomas?
Feb. 12
Feb. 5 Searching for Statutes in USCA | Online Study Aids
Jan. 29 On the Virtues of "Plain" | Trivia Contest: Courts
Jan. 22 What Does That Westlaw Database or LEXIS File Contain? | Judicial Biographies | Extended Exam Hours, Fall 2000
Jan. 16 Locating the Perfect Database | LEXIS & Westlaw | Bench & Bar Files
Jan. 8 LEXIS-NEXIS Standalone Printer Returns | Study Aids for Law Students
Jan. 2 Welcome Back | Equal Justice Project

2000 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 4 Study All Night Long | Taking Exams | Library Interim Hours
Nov. 27 Dean Candidates' Publications | Exams are Coming | UCITA
Nov. 20 Thanksgiving Holiday Hours | Exams are Coming | The Wonder of Down Under
Nov. 13 Election Results on the Web | What's This *%&!@+ About an Electoral College? | We're Wired
Nov. 6 Veterans' Day Trivia Contest | Internet Legal Research | Formbooks
Oct. 30 May I Help You? | Internet Legal Research Sessions | Printing in the Law Library
Oct. 23 Voter Information on the Web | C&idates for Law School Dean - Publications | United Nations Day
Oct. 16 Marian & Cascade Training | Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Oct. 9 Access to LEXIS-NEXIS & WESTLAW | Maps at the UW Libraries
Oct. 2 Cascade Exp&s Your Information Universe | First Monday Guide | U.S. Supreme Court Term Begins | Covered Mugs
Sept. 25 Welcome | Library Hours | What We Did During Your Summer "Vacation" | Do You Need Help? The Library Has All the Answers | We're Getting Wired
July 11 Cascade Is Coming
May 22 Studying for Exams | Library Privileges for Graduating Students | LEXIS & Westlaw for Graduating Students | Bridge the Gap in Legal Research Skills | Free &d Low-Cost Legal Services | Gay Rights
May 15 Displays of Faculty Publications | Low Cost Alternatives to LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw, Part 2 | VersusLaw & CD Law | Summer Access to LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw | WSBA Demographics | International IP Research Guide | Syttende Mai Trivia Contest
May 8 Summer Access to LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw | Administrative Law Research Session | Low Cost Alternatives to LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw, Part 1 | Loislaw | Japanese American Internment
May 1 Study Tips | Consider a Career in Law Librarianship
April 24 Moot Courts Aplenty | Getting More from the Firm Library
April 17 Pulitzer Prizes | Why Use a Citator? | Supreme Court on the Web
April 10 Moot Court Research Tips | The Nineties--The Digital Docket Decade | American Memory Historical Collections | National Library Week Trivia Contest
April 3 Reference on the Internet | Reference Services | Take Your Kids to Work Day | How to Run a Law Practice
March 27 Unveiling the New Law Library Website | Take Your Kids to Work | St&-Alone Printers | WTO Woes & Websites | March Madness Trivia Contest
March 6 Beating the Bluebook Blues | History of the Federal Judiciary Website | Latin Tips & Trivia Contest
Feb. 29 Networking with Martindale-Hubbell | Black History Month websites
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Feb. 14 LEXIS & Westlaw | How Do I ... ? | | It's New, It's Free ... But Is It for Real? website | Trivia Contest Valentine's Day
Feb. 7 The Supreme Court--In Brief | Washington State Bar News
Jan. 31 Who's That Bust Judge Thomas Burke | Rock 'n Roll Trivia Contest
Jan. 24 Printing in Law Firms | New LEXIS Sign-on Procedure
Jan. 17 Help! The Reference Office Is Closed! | The Hurricane | Trivia Contest Denzel Washington Movies
Jan. 10 Research Guides on the Web | Washington Lawyers Practice Manual | Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Websites
Jan. 3 Welcome Back! |  Library Services | New Year's Resolutions

1999 Issues of the Law Library News

Dec. 6 Good News about LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw Printing | Taking Exams | Interim Hours | Trivia Contest popular culture
Nov. 29 Exams on the Web | Stalking the Elusive 50-State Survey | WTO Trivia Contest
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Hours | Roost for Night Owls | Seattle Hosts the World Trade Organization websites | Finding Help for Westlaw & LEXIS-NEXIS Research
Nov. 15 Where to Search LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw | Election Results Resources websites | Faculty Books Trivia Contest
Nov. 8 Black's Law Dictionary | Veterans Day Trivia Contest
Nov. 1 Fee-Based Electronic Resources | The Future of Legal Research | Feeling Cooped Up? | March King Trivia Contest John Philip Sousa
Oct. 25 Voter Information on the Web | Halloween Trivia Contest | Security Reminders
Oct. 18 Watch Your Stuff | Trivia Contest | United Nations | Foreign & International Legal Research
Oct. 11 Finding Your Way | Trivia Contest gay legal history
Oct. 4 First Monday in October | Court Watching | Supreme Court Briefs | See How the Pros Do It | The Supreme Court on the Web | UWICK
Sept. 23 Library Services | LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw Access | Check It Out Husky card | Covered Containers
May 24 Memorial Day Hours | Longer Library Hours for Finals | Taking Exams in the Library | Library Open for Commencement Reception | Graduating Students | Interim Library Hours
May 17 Summer Access to LEXIS-NEXIS & Westlaw | Thinking about Graduation Gifts?
May 10 Getting Results on LegalTrac
May 3 Two Golden Rules of Research & Using LegalTrac
April 26 Specialized Courts & Court Reporters
April 19 Research Refresher | Quotation Trivia
April 12 Take Your Kids to Work | Pine Tips email
April 5 Meet MARIAN, the Library's New Web-Based Catalog | Federal Court Rules
March 29 Drinks with Lids, Yes! | MARIAN Is Coming
March 8 Culture Wars | Books & Computers in the Next Century | Making the Move to MARIAN | Washington Court Rules
March 1 Holiday Trivia Contest | Congressional Insider Information Now Available
Feb. 22 Mark Your Calendar! town meeting | Trivia Contest Winner | Electronic Journals & Law Reviews
Feb. 15 Romantic Trivia Contest
Feb. 8 President's Day Library Hours | Trivia Contest Winner | Nonlegal Research on the Web
Feb. 1 Trivia Contest | The Constitution in the News
Jan. 25 Children in the Law School at Night | Intelligence Online websites
Jan. 18 Civil Rights Legislation Trivia Contest | Statistics Online websites
Jan. 11 Security Alert | CILP on the Web
Jan. 4 A Civil Action  |  106th Congress