Law Library News for the Week of Sept. 22, 2008

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Welcome to the Gallagher Law Library!

The Library staff is delighted to offer you a variety of services, facilities, and resources to contribute to your success in the upcoming academic year.


When classes are in session, the Library is open:

Monday - Thursday, 8am - 11pm
Friday, 8am - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, 11am - 11pm

Law students can enter the Library thirty minutes early Monday-Friday by swiping their Husky cards through the card reader to the right of the entrance.

Current hours are posted on the left side of the Law Library homepage. Click on the More Hours Info link to see holiday, exam, and other changes to the Library's hours of operation.



Several areas in the Library are designed exclusively for law students:

  • the large group of study tables on the south side of the main floor 
  • the Bogle & Gates Student Lounge
  • the Group Study Rooms on Floor L2 (the lower level)

Individual study carrels are found on both floors. No reservations are needed for any of these spaces.


Laptop users enjoy wireless access throughout Gates Hall and the Law Library. In addition, the Library provides more than 20 PCs for general use. Most of the computers are located on the main floor on the north side of the light well. Three computers are found in the Reference Area adjacent to the Reference Office and three computers are in the Bogle & Gates Student Lounge. Only the PCs in the Student Lounge have Word and other Microsoft Office products installed.


The Law Library and the UW Libraries subscribe to dozens of databases. Each law student has an individual LexisNexis ID and Westlaw password. These online services contain millions of legal documents such as laws, cases, articles, books, and forms. Other databases focus on specific subjects (tax, labor, and securities) and on specific types of materials (law review and legal newsletter articles, looseleaf services, and treaties).

Last spring the Library launched a new service called 360 Search. With one search you can find scores of articles, books, news stories, and other material on any legal topic.

We invite you to explore 360 Search and the other databases to which we subscribe. Use the Off-Campus Access link in the top right corner of the Law Library website to log-in with your UW NetID to access these databases from home, your favorite coffee shop, or Alki Beach.


Yes, books are still very useful-and many of them are indispensable and not available online! The Gallagher Law Library is one of the largest law libraries in the West. You can search the online catalog from the homepage of the Library website.

You also have access to the collections of the University of Washington Libraries, all 20 of them and their 6 million books. You may directly borrow material from more than 30 other college and university libraries in Washington and Oregon and from 5 other major law school libraries, including Berkeley, George Washington, and Yale.

And if what you need isn't available through any of these sources, we will request it through our interlibrary loan service-at no cost to you!

Food & Drink

Drinks in covered containers are allowed everywhere in the Library. And law students may eat in the Bogle & Gates Student Lounge and the Group Study Rooms.


Pages on the Library website hold answers to most of your questions about our collections, services, and facilities. It contains more than 100 legal research guides on topics from administrative law and civil procedure to the United Nations and Washington State legislative history.

Of course, you can also speak with a reference librarian or a member of the Circulation staff for help. You can reach a reference librarian by phone (206/543-6794) and by email.


The Library's most valuable asset is its people.

Director Penny Hazelton leads a smart, creative, and dedicated team that is focused on answering your questions and exceeding your expectations. The Circulation Desk staff and the reference librarians are the most visible staff members but many library staff work behind the scenes. They select and order books, maintain the library catalog and online services, pay bills, and perform dozens of other tasks that keep the library's operations running efficiently.

Every article, book, CD, database, and service you use in the Law Library is the result of the Library staff's efforts. And we are glad to see those efforts pay off whenever you visit or use the Law Library. Welcome!

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