Law Library News for the Week of Jan. 7, 2008

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Looking Back . . . Looking Ahead

The month of January is named for Janus, the Roman god of doorways, beginnings, and endings. Depicted with two faces looking right and left, Janus observes the year just past and the year to come.

Looking back at the year in Library services, we offered you new electronic journal lists so that you can more easily locate online sources of law review articles. We posted new legal research guides on admiralty and maritime law, corporations, sports law, and the Washington State Constitution. We answered countless questions in person and by email. We provided legal research advice and instruction in class sessions, in small groups, and in individual appointments.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the imminent launch of a new online service that will simultaneously search an array of free and commercial products. We will experiment with new format for several legal research guides to make them more process-driven. And we will continue to develop fresh and effective approaches to help you accomplish your legal research tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Your suggestions are always welcome. Whether you are reflecting on a service we offered last year, or one that you would like us to undertake this year, we appreciate your feedback and insight.

Website of the Week: GlobaLex

A premier site for comparative, foreign, and international legal research guides, GlobaLex is produced by the New York University School of Law’s Hauser Global Law School Program.

Dozens of guides cover the world of legal information from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Subject-specific tools deal with global climate change, human trafficking, immigration, international trade, sustainable development, terrorism, and more.

The guides link to authoritative websites that are selected by specialists. Regular updates ensure that the links are current.





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