Law Library News for the Week of Feb. 4, 2008

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

New Westlaw Printer in Library Copy Alcove on L2

by Kelly Aldrich

Attention Students!  The Law Library is happy to announce the addition of a *new* Westlaw printer for student use. The new printer is located on Floor L2 (the lower level f the Library) in the Copy Alcove (Room L240) near the group study rooms.

To print to this new printer, just select “Westlaw Printer Library Copy Alcove” from your Westlaw print menu. 

So, now students have two options for free Westlaw printing:

  1. the Law Student Computer Lab (Room 222)
  2. the Library Copy Alcove (on L2). 

We hope you’ll put this new printer to good use.

Thanks to our Westlaw rep, Zach Gose, for his efforts in getting us this new student printer!

Website of the Week: Religion and Law International Documents Database

Thousands of documents on religious freedom around the world are collected in this online database. Users may search for documents by issuing organization, country, or region. The advanced search provides additional characteristics of the documents, including language and type of document

  • constitution
  • law
  • judicial decision
  • administrative decree or regulation
  • treaty
  • government report
  • website

The Brigham Young University Law School’s International Center for Law and Religion Studies hosts the website. Other U.S. participants include Baylor, Catholic, and Columbia universities. The Central European University, Moscow State University, and the University of Milan are among the international contributors.

The site also features links to law and religion conferences around the world and to related websites. A Comparative Analysis of East European Laws on Religious Associations is available as well.

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