Law Library News for the Week of Feb. 18, 2008

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

I See London, I See France

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sees them too!

And in an uncharacteristic act of sharing information, the CIA provides free public web access to its World2008 Front Cover Factbook. The 2008 edition was released last week.

The colorful flags of the nations page is fun. One country’s flag is not rectangular or square. Which one? What country’s flag bears an insignia that resembles a Star Trek communicator? The flag of what country consists of a single color with no design or embellishment?

The rank order (not to be confused with rank odor) page provide endless fodder for trivia contests. What country has the highest fertility rate? The lowest public debt? The most cell phones? The greatest natural gas exports? (Aha! That’s the source of that rank odor!)

Not only is the World Factbook entertaining, it is also educational! Profiles of each country describe the economy, geography, government, military, and people. Appendices include a list of abbreviations, descriptions of international organizations, a list of geographic names, and weights and measures charts.

Your tax dollars at work--get your money’s worth.

Website of the Week: European Judicial Network

European Judicial Network


The European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters provides extensive information about the law in the European Community and its member states.

The navigation bar is organized into themes, such as:


  • the legal profession
  • bringing a case to court
  • service of documents
  • enforcement of judgments
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • crime victims’ compensation

The companion European Judicial Atlas in Civil Matters provides assistance in completing forms and submitting them electronically.

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