Law Library News for the Week of April 28, 2008

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Bluebook Citations for Nonlaw Journal Articles

by Mary Whisner

How do I create Bluebook citations for journal articles from fields other than law?The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Eighteenth Edition)

The rules and formats are the same whether you are citing to law review articles or articles from the business, medical, or scientific fields. Rule 16 on Periodical Materials deals with authors, titles of journals, and pagination.

Determine if the journal is consecutively paginated through the volume (e.g., does issue 3 start with page 1 or page 429?). If it's paginated consecutively, then cite the article like a standard law review and select appropriate abbreviations based on table T.13.

For example, this citation for this article:

Rita M. Melendez, Theresa A. Exner, Anke A. Ehrhardt, Brian Dodge, Robert H. Remien, Mary-Jane Rotheram-Borus, Marguerita Lightfoot, Daniel Hong, and the National Institute of Mental Health Healthy Living Project Team.  Health and Health Care Among Male-to-Female Transgender Persons Who Are HIV Positive. American Journal of Public Health 2006 96: 1034-1037

becomes this Bluebook citation:

Rita M. Melendez et al., Health and Health Care Among Male-to-Female Transgender Persons Who Are HIV Positive, 96 Am. J. Pub. Health 1034 (2006).

(The "et al." comes from Bluebook R. 15.1(b).)

If the journal is NOT consecutively paginated, then follow R. 16.4, again abbreviating using T.13.

The article cited in the Expanded Academic Index as:

Subprime: tentacles of a crisis. Randall Dodd. Finance & Development 44.4 (Dec 2007): p15(5). (3137 words)

converts to this Bluebook citation:

Randall Dodd, Subprime: Tentacles of a Crisis, Fin. & Dev., Dec. 2007, at 15.

It is not always easy to tell if a journal is consecutively paginated from a single isolated citation. One way to solve the mystery is to use the index where you found the original citation. Most indexes provide an option to search for articles from a specific journal. Identify a recent volume for your journal and check the page number of the first article in issue number 2. If that article begins on page 1, you are probably dealing with a journal that is not consecutively paginated.

Check Out Journals from UW Libraries Through Summit

by Judy Davis

Have you ever noticed how heavy bound periodicals can be, especially if you have to carry three of them from the Engineering Library? Now you can lighten your load and have many periodicals from other libraries on campus delivered to the Gallagher Law Library. 


The UW Libraries have now made many of their journals available through Summit. After searching Summit for the title of interest, use your Husky card to place a request. The journals will be delivered here and you’ll be able to pick them up at the Circulation Desk. Loan times may be limited to 3 days. Periodicals from the Health Sciences Library are not included. This service is in its trial phase during Spring Quarter.

Summer Access to LexisNexis

Students engaged in certain activities can continue to access LexisNexis this summer, but they MUST sign up to ensure access. You are eligible for summer access to LexisNexis if you will be:

  • enrolled in a law school summer class
  • conducting research that is related to a law school course,  moot court, or law review
  • working as a professor’s research assistant
  • working as an unpaid intern or extern or for a nonprofit
  • studying for the bar exam

Visit and follow the "Register for Summer Access" link on the left navigation bar. On the LexisNexis Summer Access Program page, look for the Summer Access Registration link and complete the form.

Below the Summer Access Registration link is a sentence indicating that you will be limited to career materials after June 1st if you fail to register. This deadline does not apply to UWLS students since spring quarter ends in the middle of June. Your deadline for summer access registration is June 16th.

Summer access ends on August 1st. Questions? Contact Aaron Myers.

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