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Law Library News for Sept. 24, 2007

Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Welcome to the Gallagher Law Library

Welcome to new and returning law students for another interesting, studious, research-filled year at the Gallagher Law Library!

We invite you to take advantage of the wealth of the Library’s collections and the abundance of services we offer. We will review many of these services in future Law Library News columns, but here are a few highlights.

Arrive Early; Stay Late

The Library is open the following hours when classes are in session:



Reference Office

Mon. – Thur.

8 am – 11 pm

9 am – 8 pm


8 am – 6 pm

9 am – 5 pm


11 am – 6 pm

1 – 4 pm


11 am – 11 pm

1 – 6 pm

Visit the Law Library Hours page for schedule variations.

Law students may enter the Law Library half an hour before the posted opening time by swiping their Husky Cards through the card reader on the wall to the right of doors. [By the way, if the doors at the bottom of the main staircase are not open, use your Husky Card in the main elevators to come down to Floor L1 where the entrance to the Library is located.]

Five nights a week, Sunday – Thursday the Law Library remains open until 11 pm. For late-night studiers, the Odegaard Undergraduate Library is open around the clock beginning Sunday at 1 pm and continuing until Friday until 9 pm.

Exclusive Jurisdiction

Several areas of the Library are reserved for the exclusive use of UWLS students:

Swipe your Husky card to gain access to the Student Lounge and the Group Study Rooms.  During final exams, most study carrels on L1 are also reserved for you.

If you notice someone who is not a UW Law student at a reserved table or carrel, please politely inform the person about the policy and ask him or her to find other seating. You may also notify the Circulation Desk attendant or the reference librarian on duty about the unauthorized use.

Caffeine & Carbohydrates

You may bring beverages in covered containers into the Library and you may snack or enjoy a meal in either the Student Lounge or the Group Study Rooms.

Other users are not permitted to eat in the Library, so please refrain from eating in the public areas, including the tables and study carrels. As a courtesy to others, please clean up after eating and dispose of trash and recycling.

Security Inside & Out

Gates Hall and the Law Library are public places and unfortunately, laptops and other personal items have been stolen. Please do not leave your backpack, computer, MP3 player, or cell phone unattended for even a short time.

Use the anti-theft loops found beneath the Library’s carrels and tables. The University Bookstore sells a Kensington laptop lock for $45 and we recommend that you use this or a comparable lock to secure your computer.

Library staff are trained to assist you with other security issues. Report problems at the Circulation Desk or the Reference Office.

You may also want to visit the Crime Prevention page on the UW Police Department’s website. The University offers several shuttle and escort services to keep you safe as you move around campus; go to the Dial a Ride, Night Ride, and Husky NightWalk pages for more information.

Databases by the Dozens

Law students love LexisNexis and Westlaw. Hundreds of files contain court decisions, federal and state statutes and regulations, law review articles, news items, international materials, encyclopedias, forms, and an almost countless array of other research riches.

Surely, these two services must encompass every source a law student needs! Well, don’t call me Shirley and don’t believe that LexisNexis and Westlaw provide the answer to every question. The Law Library subscribes to many other databases and, through the UW Libraries, you have access to scores more.

Explore these services by starting at the Law Library website. Look for “Find Legal Databases” in the center of the page and activate the pull-down menu to see a partial list of the specialized legal databases we offer.

Asked & Answered

You have questions; we have answers!

The librarians, staff members, and students who work at the Circulation Desk and the Reference Office are happy to answer your questions. Stop by the Circulation Desk to check out books, ask for help with the Library catalog, request a book on Course Reserve, or report malfunctioning copiers or compact stacks.

Visit, call, or email the reference librarians when you have a question about any type of legal research. Heck, stop by the Reference Office to ask a question about anything at all and we will try to answer it or refer you to someone else who might have the answer.

Anticipating some of your questions, the librarians have prepared more than 100 legal research guides. Use the “Conduct Research” option on the Library homepage to see a list of major topics or use the Site Search feature in the top right-hand corner to locate information on a particular topic.

It Takes a Village

In three years, you will encounter only a small number of Library employees.

Behind the scenes are an experienced and dedicated team of librarians and staff members who select and buy books and online sources, check in and track law reviews and newsletters, maintain and improve the Library catalog, pay the bills, file the microfiche, shelve the books, and otherwise ensure that you will find what you need in the Library.

Led by Penny Hazelton, the Associate Dean for Library and Computing Services, the people of the Gallagher Law Library work together to make this one of the best academic law libraries in the country – and we are happy to help you.

©2007, M.G. Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington