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Law Library News for May 14, 2007

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Cheryl Nyberg, editor

Last Library Lifesavers Session

Join us on Tuesday, May 22, from 12:45-1:15 in Room 119 for the last Lifesavers session before you graduate or start clerking for the summer!

Where will you turn for research help? Relax.

Even after your last exam, the Gallagher Law Library is a place to turn for help. Join us at 12:45 for a quick overview of the research resources available to you even when you are not in school.

Oh boy! After that first assignment in your summer job, you realize that your grasp of legal research is a little shaky. Don’t worry; we have just the program for you: Bridge the Legal Research Gap, a free half-day legal research refresher offered to any law student working in the Seattle area this summer, to be held on June 13th. At 1:15, we will preview the Bridge the Gap program.

Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw

Will you have access to LexisNexis and Westlaw this summer? It depends. Both providers have rules governing law student summer access.


You can register your Lexis IDs for access during the summer, but remember that access continues to be limited to “academic purposes,” same as during the academic year. Academic purposes include:

  • law school coursework
  • research for law journal or moot court
  • working for a law professor (paid or unpaid)
  • internship, externship, or clinic work that is unpaid and for which you receive law school course credit

To extend your Lexis ID for the summer, go to  and click on the “register for summer access” link.

Graduating students may extend their Lexis IDs until August 1st by following the same instructions.


You can register your password for a summer extension if you’ll need access for:

  • law school coursework
  • research for law journal or moot court
  • working for a law professor
  • unpaid non-profit/public interest internship or externship (or pro bono work) that is required for graduation

Visit, sign-on, and complete the Westlaw Password Summer Extension form.

Even if you are not eligible for a summer extension, you may still use Westlaw for 2 hours per month during the summer. 

Westlaw passwords for graduating students expire on June 30st. You can receive a summer bar study password from WestlawRewards. Look for an email this month. Free printing is not included.

Library Services During the Summer

The Gallagher Law Library continues to be a great resource for you this summer, whether you are in Seattle or not. Here are several of the ways that we continue to serve you during the summer.

Visit, call (206/543-6794), or email (lawrefst@u) the Reference Librarians for assistance with any aspect of legal research.

Your UW NetID (via the Off-Campus Access link) enables you to access commercial databases such as the BNA newsletters and databases, Hein Online’s law reviews and other content, and LegalTrac. If you need to search literature from the fields of economics, engineering, health, etc., your UW NetID is the key to the treasure-chest of other commercial databases to which the UW Libraries subscribe.

If your firm, business, or non-profit needs photocopies of briefs or other print material, use the Library’s Copy & Send Service.